Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One COOL vacation!! Day #1, Part #1

And I mean cool in many different meanings!! The weather was cool, the scenery was cool, the tours were cool, the food was cool, the shopping...you guessed it cool!! We can't wait to get back, especially with temps staying above 100 degrees here in Woodward...ugggghhhh!!!

The kids went down early on their very first plane. I was pretty nervous for Riley, seeing as how she tends to freak out.....A LOT!!! But they both did great!! Well besides the fact that Colt had a mild case of the GAS!!! Hahahaha!! Thank goodness he sat with Aunt Lo!! ;)
They both were very sad that we weren't flying back and after about 5 hours in the car with them I was very sad!! Really they did pretty good in the car for 9 hours, it was their Dad that had a hard time!!! Anyway back to Day #1...we met up with the rest of the crew at my Dad's favorite little pizza place in Estes Park. Estes Park was beautiful!!! I'm not sure if it was the views or the cool weather that made me fall in love instantly!! I'm telling you I DIDN'T SWEAT THE ENTIRE TRIP!!!! After pizza we headed over for horse rides. The kids LOVE this, this actually was their 2nd horse ride since being in Colorado. I think they would go everyday if they could...well I know the boys would. Riley on the other hand had a little bit of a traumatic incident the ride before. Her horse took off on a little bit of a run the day before....of all the kids and all the horses it would have to happen to the one that would freak out the most!!Waiting for horses. See the forced smile here?? Right before this she was crying and had a panicked face!!Cash is an old pro!!Nana and Colt rode double, for 2 reasons; 1. he fell asleep during the last ride and 2. he would have NOTHING to do with Gregg or I!! I'm surprise we got him to come home at all!!! He was LOVING his time with Pop Pop and Nana!!!Nate got to ride his own horse for the first time and he was VERY excited.....until he fell asleep WHILE riding!!!And my handsome "cowboy".....And we're off.....And about halfway through Nate was OUT!! Dad had to hold him up. Hahahaha!!!

The trail ride was nice but his old lady could NEVER be a cowgirl. My knee was killin!!! I'll save the horse riding for special occasions only!!

We had a pretty busy day so I'll leave the rest of the day for a Part 2 post tomorrow!!

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