Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Family Vacation

We decided about midweek that we would plan a little vacation for the 4 of us...mainly fun stuff for the kids. Gregg got online and found out that the circus was in OKC so 4 tickets was the order, he got us a hotel room and I mentioned White away we went!!!

Our first stop...Texas Roadhouse of course!!!

And yes we looked like big ole nerds having the waitress take our picture.....she offered!!!

Always such the Daddy's girl!!!And such the Momma's boy!!!Next on our list of fun stuff to do was the CIRCUS!!!!Before the circus actually started they had a meet and greet kind of thing. We got to go down and get close and personal with the clowns and performers!!! Colt and I went down to check it out, homebodies Gregg and Riley stayed and watched from above!! I don't remember what he just saw that made him sooooo excited!!!!

Or maybe he was faking it for the camera??!!And then the show began!!

I think the elephants were our favorite, they put on quite the show!!The clowns were pretty cute too.I mean who doesn't love elephants and dogs in the same show??!!After the circus was over we headed down to the canal for a boat ride. On the way we stumbled on this fun little waterpad. Probably the kids favorite part of the night. It was super hot out and this made for a good cool down. On we went....Walking the canal and chasing the ducks. Well Colt chased the ducks, the ducks of course chased Riley and she cried!!!Waiting to get on the boat.We finally made it. Colt loved it!!! He waved to the people and sang songs for everyone. Riley had fun but was not as excited, she was feeling a bit tired and hot. After a good nights rest we got up, had us a big breakfast and headed out to White Water. The kids had a blast!! Riley rode a few big slides as long as we could ride with her, although I think she would have really loved them all if she would have just tried them. Colt was ready for all of them, unfortunately his little bottom wouldn't stay in the tubes. All together we had a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Can't wait to do something fun with just the 4 of us again!!! I sure love my little family and feel soooo blessed!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday......

actually a little late on Riley and a little early for Colt, so I guess actually Happy Birthday Party to you!! This year Riley again wanted a swim party so we had to put it off for a couple of weeks. We had to push it so far back we just decided to have Colt's party too!! We had a really great time, the kids invited people that I love to hang out with (well the parents that is). It was WAY TOO HOT, so hot the icing on the cupcakes (that Leia, Lori and I made by the way) started to melt, so hot that the kids wouldn't even play on the playground, so hot I couldn't even eat....oh wait that's not true!!

Just look how red Riley's face is and that's not because she was running and playing none of the kids would play cause it was just soooo darn hot so we had to get right to the presents.....Colt NOT being a good sharer!!The kids were just foaming at the mouth to get in the pool!!! They only had to wait an hour, but that hour seemed like YEARS!!!FINALLY time to cool off!!!!and then time for more eating!!!Notice it's all Allen grandchildren around the picnic table still eating, Colt is on the other side. Hey we know a party is nothing without food!!!Once the party was over we headed back to the house to give the kids their big gift from Nana and PopPop and Gregg and I........

Oh how I wished I had it on video!!! Colt let out this scream for about 10 seconds!!! And Riley ran to the truck!! They haven't got out of the thing since they got it!! We've driven around the block I don't know how many times in the last 2 days and we are sure to have a dirt path through our front yard where Riley drives for hours!!!We of course had our first wreck with in 15 minutes of getting in. She ran right into the basketball post!! As you can see Colt's ice cream broke and got all over him and the car and Nate who was in the back bumped his check....and Riley's driving pride was cut deep!!! The truck was not even scratched and Riley has since learned her lesson to PAY ATTENTION!!!

Well there is our weekend in a blog nutshell!! This weekend we are headed to the Circus in OKC so we are sure to have another busy one!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm STILL exhausted.....

Wow what a weekend we had!!! Company, Red Dirt Challenge, water park, church, and a birthday party.....yep I'm pooped!!! And all the fun started on Wednesday....the kids and I loaded up and headed to Orienta to meet Gigi and Aunt BB for a hand off of Nana and Cash. We rushed home so I could get in some DQ before my weekly softball, in which I didn't get a hit all night...uggggg...I need some hitting lessons, but that's another post!! So with Mom and Cash added to the house that was Gregg's cue to hit the road, and so he headed to Pampa to help Debbie repair the fence at her house. Nana now was able to spoil the kids anyway she felt fit and she started out with a slip n slide.....Cash was taking a nap and when he finally woke up Colt let him know about it!!Saturday morning I had to get up extra early because for some reason I talked my friend Robin into running this Red Dirt Challenge with me!!! UGHHHHH why do I sign up for this crap, which reminds me I never posted about the OKC marathon.....Man my mind is a mess today, focus Lacy focus!! It was hot and I am NOT in good enough shape to be carrying on in this way!!

Now please notice the way that Robyn is "prancing" up to the mud pit.....I strategically waited 10 seconds before the shot gun start to tell her that we had to CRAWL through the pit, she thought we could tip toe through.......No chance!!! I couldn't wait for that cool water!!! I am definitely a cool weather runner!!!We even ended up winning our age bracket!!! Which surprised me cause Robyn ran/rode very well....I on the other hand SUCKED IT UP!!! and I mean big GASPING, THINKING I'M GOING TO THROW UP OR PEE MY PANTS, (which by the way I did have to squat in the bushes about half way through!!) SUCKING IT UP!!!Later that afternoon after I showered, the kids had a nap and Nater Tator arrived we headed out to the Water park for a good ole time!!! I know I have a lot of pictures of Colt and Nate in this section of the post, but I have never laughed so hard!! These two were all over the place...laughing, running, screaming, splashing they had the best time!!!

Cash will NEVER let me take a good picture of him!!! I have to bribe him and obviously that didn't work this time!!!

Riley just finished up 2 weeks of swim lessons and boy what a difference!!

Riley picked out these glasses for all the kids, she thought they were great the boys on the other hand not so much!!

I'm hoping not to duplicate too many pictures here and on Facebook and I have more pictures that cover the birthday party but I don't want anyway to get overwhelmed. So there's part 1 of a wild weekend!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Z is for......Zipline!!!

Finally getting to my Z and in the end of the vaction. We (well all of us but Gregg that is) had a great time!! It wasn't exactly what we thought but it was soooo fun. We all thought we were signing up for a few nice canopy ziplines where we would casually make our way through and above the trees......HA!! WE SIGNED UP FOR THE BLUE STREAK which consisted of one fast steep zipline and a 100 foot free fall, yes like a bungee jump!!!

Here is Stephanie signing away her life

Walking to our fate.....Gregg was as white as a ghost and literally his legs were shaking like something from a movie!!! He was SCARED!!!
We weren't allowed to take cameras up with us so I only got befores and afters.

We survived!!!!

Notice the sweat on Gregg! hahahaha!

This was right before our free fall and honestly I'm surprised Gregg is smiling at all. He wouldn't talk to anyone and would NOT let go of the railing.