Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Pampa!! Celebration #2

After Santa made his visit to our house in Woodward, we cleaned up, packed up and headed up to Pampa to celebrate with the Moores!! We had a great visit and came home with a car load of memories and gifts!!
Mimi and the grandkids.
Riley stalking out the Christmas tree.
and Colt stalking out the M&M bowl!!!
Let the eatting begin!! Debbie always out does herself with the food, but we love that she does!!
Dance Party
Playing with their presents.
Let's Jam!!
And the annual Gingerbread House.
I think there is more eatting of the candies and icing then there is building.
Apparently Pug wanted to get on the house building this year!!

My attempt of getting a picture of all the Moore Grandkids. Not too successful!!
And I love this one!! Funny faces!!!

Well 2 Christmas celebrations down and 1 more to go. Thanks Debbie and TB for a wonderful time. We laughed, we ate and we made new memories. Love you guys!!
We head to Duncan this week to spend time with my side of the family. I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well we have one Christmas down and 2 more to go!!
Santa was way too good at our house this year. Everyone got just what they asked for plus a little more!!! I'll start our Christmas off with Christmas Eve. We attended our candle light service at church and it was lovely as always. We sang lots of songs and were reminded of the true reason of Christmas.
Riley and Colt made cookies for Santa. We kind of waited till the last minute so we just had to pop some frozen ones in the oven. The kids didn't seem to mind and I certainly didn't mind the non mess that was made.
Gregg started a tradition with the kids that he would read "The Night Before Christmas". Gregg started this when Riley was born and he has kept true to each year. It really is sooo sweet!! What an awesome man I have found. Riley and Colt listened so well and actually let him finish!!
And then it was Christmas morning!!!
Colt went straight for Santa's leftovers!!! I'm pretty sure he finished off the plate. I was pretty cute.
Here is Gregg enjoying his chair massager. Now when he asks me for a massage I can give him one with having to lift a hand!! Perfect gift for him and Me!!!
We hope that everyone had a Blessed Christmas!!! We know that we did!! Stay tuned for Christmas 2 and 3!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Santa,

Well with the help of Dad Riley got her letter sent to Santa. She asked for a big girl bike and gum.......I think Santa can handle that wish list!!!

And now a few pics of the kids playing.

My dancing DIVA!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ok so this is pretty late....but better late than never. Here we are putting up our outside decorations for the CHRISTmas Season. Thankfully we were given some beautiful days so putting up the decorations weren't so bad.
The kids doing their best to help.

Oh come on Dad can't I just come up for second???!!

Riley snapping a few pictures.

Gregg enjoying the season!! What a lucky lady I am to have a husband that will put up with my holiday that love or what??!! Thanks Gregg, we love you and you make the kids soooo happy everytime we pull up to the house and our lights our shining.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know, I know my blogging skills lately have been HORRIBLE!!! I do actually have a couple of excuses......I've been super busy at work, and my computer at work has been acting crazy. My computer is now fixed and hopefully work will slow down for just a minute so I can get some posting done. I'm just going to skip a lot of stuff that has happened from, well about October till now and go straight to Riley's church Christmas program. Watching her perform in this program gives me great hope that maybe she will dance in her dance recital come May!!! The pictures are horrible and the video is not much better but this is mainly for family. Mom, Dad, Gigi, and Cashion made it up for the performance and she was ever sooooo excited about having them there, especially Cashie!!! She even let me put curls in her hair, now that is excitement!!! She looked so cute in her Christmas dress.

I sure hope I find time to blog again if not




Friday, October 16, 2009

Just some randomness.

Here's just some random pictures and a video from the last week or 2.
Our first fire of the season. Love, love fireplace season!!
Dad reading to the kids. They both love books! I hope they keep that up cause I hated to read.
Love this picture. It's so hard to catch them both looking and smiling, now only if I could get Gregg to look!!!

Future Baller!!
He got it from is mama!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday TARA!!!

So I know I'm late on this but I didn't want to not post about one of my very best BFFs!!! Tara was the very first person I met in Woodward when we moved here and I will never forget it!!! We met at Mazzio and the entire time I was scared to death that she was going to be a nerd, later she told me she was thinking the same thing. As God had it, we turned to be best friends from that time on!!! Some of my very best times have been with this lady. I can't imagine my life without Tara in it. She is a beautiful, smart, funny, strong, christian lady and the world is just a better place cause she is in it!!!
Here are just a few pictures of our great times together. I know she is just going to love me for some of these!! :)
I love this pictures.....WB BABY!!! The four of us were together always!!! And we will reunite next weekend for some fun in the mud!!! I can't wait!!!
I'm not sure when this picture was taken, I'm thinking maybe summer of freshman year in college. So young and carefree we were!!
Aerosmith concert.
Remember this one Tara???!!! hahahahaha Dancing Fools!!

When I say she is strong I truly mean it!!! Spiritual, physically, and mentally we could all learn a lot from you Tara!! I love you girl!! I hope you had the best day ever. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the crew next weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!

I'm sure this will leave you all speechless!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


So those of you that saw my facebook post a couple of days ago about me being embarrassed that I'm really loving Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus....I just want you to know I'm not the only one loving it. I was singing it one day and Riley decided she loved it to. So I got out my little MP3 player out hooked it up inside and the dancing began!!

Excuse the length but I didn't know when her best move was going to happen so I had to video the entire song.

Friday, October 2, 2009

All about COLT!!!

So I just noticed that all of my posts lately have been all about Riley. So today I'm dedicating this post COLT!! Some of you probably forgot I had another child :) Colt is such a good boy and when I say boy that is no lie!! He is all about basketballs, golf balls, footballs, baseballs anything he can throw....he loves. He also loves the bats and golf clubs or anything that looks like a bat or a club. You better watch out cause he is swingin for the fence!!! He will for sure be my dare devil of the two, he's not afraid of anything. He even loves trying to jump on the trampoline with his sister. His new favorite thing to do is to get you!! He will sneak up behind and try to scare you, it's pretty darn cute and he's gotten his sister a couple of times. We love you Colter Bolter!!!
He thought the flash was too bright.

Yes that's right my son sucks his thumb and has a blanket!!! Although the thumb sucking is about to come to quits. We just went to the doctor today and some how he has contracted herpetic whitlow, common in thumb suckers "they say". A herpie virus that got in the open callus of his thumb then spread to his mouth. Sounds gross I know but the poor fella has some huge canker sores. Let's pray they go away soon!!!

He loves to help his Dad but is for sure a momma's boy.

Still lovin his horsey.

And here's a little video that is just too precious for words!!