Friday, August 19, 2011

This Buds for you.....

Finally back to some Colorado pictures. Day 4 brought us to the Budweiser plant for a tour and some samples!!!! All the cans of beer going through this was an amazing sight!! How fast and how precise it all moves. AMAZING

Again you can see here that Colt wanted Nana back!!!
This might have been Gregg's favorite thing about the trip.Startin young!!!You cannot even begin to imagine the amount of beer in this place....well I guess you can I mean that is what they do!!The famous Clydesdale....These things are huge!!!Just to get an idea the top horseshoes are for Clydesdale the bottom horseshoe is for a regular horse.......BIG DIFFERENCE

Enjoying our samples!! Each person on tour got 2 big samples of anything that Bud makes and 2 small glasses of their specialty beers, which had a much higher alcohol content. To say we were feeling pretty good after we an understatement!! CHEERS!!!

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