Monday, February 22, 2010

DINNER and THE THEATRE (that was said in my best English accent)

Yesterday we took Riley out for a big girl date....out to eat and then to OKC Civic Center to watch The Wizard of Oz. Last year Gregg took me to see the Lion King and the entire time I felt soooo guilty cause I knew Riley would just love it. So we waited and waited for The Wizard of Oz to come out and I was right, SHE LOVED IT!! She was so good at the show too! If you can remember back to when we took her to the icecapades and she covered her ears and eyes for pretty much the entire show, this time she only covered her ears for about 5 minutes. It's progress people, it's progress!! She loved the munchkins and I could feel her dancing along with many of the songs. The show was about 3 hours long and I was nervous she might fall asleep seeing as how we didn't go till 7:00 and she didn't take a very long nap Sunday afternoon, but she made it all the way through!! She conked out about 2 minutes into the car ride after the show.
Now, it was no where near the production of Lion King but it was still pretty AMAZING!!! In November Shrek will be in OKC and then next February Beauty and The Beast will be coming. I'm soooo excited!!
Here we are eatting out at Texas Roadhouse. She must have eatten a gazillion rolls!!

I know, I know she looks like her DAD!!!

Yes I made her stand out in the cold to get a picture. I had to capture the moment!!
She loved this statue. I was a little disappointed that they had a concession stand RIGHT INFRONT OF IT!!!!! Come on now OKC.....
AAHHH How cute!!
I bought her a program and she had to sit right down and look at it. It was pretty precious!!
See the excitement!!! We can't wait to take her to another one!!!

Here we are snapping a few pics at our seats......a big no no. I got just a few before I got in trouble!!

We had a great time!!! I'm sure she'll be talking about for days!! Thanks Gregg for being an AWESOME Dad and Husband and splurging on us!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Trail Run FROM HELL!!!!

Ok so I'm finally getting around to blogging on our trail run, actually I was waiting on my sister to email the pics she took (which she still has not). She said I looked like I was dying as I crossed the finish line......I WAS!!! Anyway it's one more race down and 2 more to go before the OKC Memorial Relay. We had a really nice day for running (if there is such a thing??) the wind died down just long enough for us to finish. I had 2 people in my cheering section (Leia and Cash) thanks for coming guys!! And I got a silver medal and I think Mandy Cheap and I got lost!!! So overall really great day, nothing like a 3.5 trail run only we ran 4 miles!!!! What a great way to spend your 33rd birthday...right Mandy C.???!!! Next time I'm soooo following Mandy G!!!! She got first by the way and Cheap got 3rd.
My running buddies!! Pre Race
Look how energetic we all seem before the race!!!
My cheering section!!

Chad crossing the finish the line. He ran 7 miles and fell twice!!! THis was a true TRAIL run. No pavement did our feet cross only mud puddles, tree roots, rocks, mud, and dirt!!

Post race.....not quite so much energy here!!

Cory and Kara Reid made the run too. Kara is pregnant and finished the race even after a few puking spells!! She's a true champ! So is Cory....he brought home a gold too.
Way to represent WOO-Town!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well as most of you know Colt had surgery yesterday. He did really well, everything went just as Dr. Jia had hoped. But we had another surgery yesterday that even I didn't know about till it was happening..........Riley got her ears pierced!! I can't believe she did!!! We were at Wal-mart picking up Colt's medicine and she noticed a pair of Tinkerbell earrings, I told her that she couldn't have those earrings until she got her ears pierced, thinking that would be the end of that. Well she surprised me with "Ok, I want to get my ears pierced." WHAT!!?? My little girl that is scared of everything wants to get her ears pierced?? I just assumed that as we picked out earrings she would start to panic and that would be the end of was I wrong. She was sooo excited about this!! She went through all the steps and never thought a thing about it, until the earrings went through. She cried for just a minute and then she was done. I am soooo proud of her!!! She's been doing a really great job of turning them every once in awhile and didn't even cry when it was time to clean them. I can't say how proud I am of her, she really is growing up!!!!
Picking out earrings!!
I'm ready!!

This is when I thought she would lose it.

Still cool as a cucumber.
I forgot to get an after picture, but I'm sure she will have no problem showing them off. She LOVES them!!!
I didn't get any pictures of Colt before surgery but man I wish I had. When they gave him what they call "Beetlejuice" it was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. He was so dazed and confused, it was hilarious!!! I'm thinking that no one really wants to see his before and after pictures!! hahahaha!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I know, I know it's been forever!! But let me just say it's sooooo much easier to post pictures on Facebook. I love that you can do as many as you like not 5 at a time like here. Anyway not that much has been going with us really. I've kind of been running trying to get ready for a 3.5 trail run this weekend (going to complete blow that) and the Red Bud Classic 10k in April then the ultimate OKC marathon relay, in which I'm part of a team and I can't let them down!!! Starting Monday I'm whipping myself back in shape with the help of some dear friends (Mandy C, Mandy G, Sam, and Tara and where I can see how much everyone else is running and how much I am not running!!) Anyway back to post. I'm throwing in some pictures of the kids playing inside (which we have been doing way too much of lately!!) And maybe a few of a day we actually got to go to the park. And maybe some snow I really have missed a lot of posting!!! Oh one more thing. My little man goes in for his long awaited "Ball Surgery". They will be bring down his left testicle. Shouldn't be that big of a deal the dr. assures me but anytime they put them under is a little scary to me. So keep the prayers going for Colt on Monday (has to have some blood work) and Tuesday morning (he goes under the knife). Here come the pics.........

What?? I didn't feel like cooking!! I kid, I kid.... ;)

Snow Angel!!

Snow Bunny!!

Love this picture so much!!!
We had to make snow ice cream....of course.

Don't know if ya'll caught Miss America but here is our Miss America!!!

Evening Gown

And this is what Colt thought about it......

And more fun in the snow!!!

Hope I didn't bore you too much!!!