Monday, August 15, 2011

Day #2.....FINALLY

Sorry guys! I know ya'll have just been dying to see what day 2 held for us in Colorado, I've just been soooo darn busy lately ;)

After Dad and Mom took Scott, Lori, Nate and Cash to the airport to fly back home and I finally recovered from a chocolate covered coffee bean (GROSS by the way) or maybe I finally adjusted to the altitude...I'm not sure what it was but I was pretty sick the entire morning. I like to blame it on the coffee bean because Lori made me eat the coffee bean and I like to blame things on her. That's what youngest sister are for, right?? Right Leia?? ;) Anyway, all coffee beans and blame aside, we went to a Rockies game that evening. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! Not one single drip of sweat ran down my back and into my butt crack all evening long!!!! HEEAAAVEN!!

If you know my family at all or if you just know my Dad, or me, or Leia you know that we are all about the concession stand foods....ALL ABOUT THEM!!! I hate going to ballgames, fairs, carnivals, or circuses without my Dad. Dad gets one of that is. I'm not exaggerating here people. One of EVERYTHING!! Just take a look at these pictures. We started off with hot dogs and nachos.....of course!!Then we moved to cotton for each of them. Because boys can't have pink and girls can't have blue!! Duhhh guys!!Kettle corn anyone???Then someone hit a home run....and it got to loud. Who's kids are these anyway???Oh maybe cheering isn't that bad.....We had AMAZING seats, probably the best ballgame seats I've ever had!! 17 rows up from the field. Just awesome!!I simply LOVE this picture!! The love that Colt has for his Pop Pop is just crazy.
Oh, so obviously, you have to add ice cream to the list of foods we had that evening. Gregg and Dad sat half the game in another section so I really can't tell you what all they had to eat, what you see here was just what Pop Pop got for the kids. Oh and Riley had a snowcone!!! Father and son enjoying a ball game....priceless. Day #3 on the way!!!

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