Friday, April 29, 2011

We sure did have a HAPPY EASTER!!!

Despite the nasty weather in Edmond we had a really amazing day!!

We LOVED....We COOKED...... We HUNTED.....inside because it was raining :(

We SMILED......

and we SMILED....

and WE SMILED.....

we TRIED family pictures.....


we MADE MUSIC...... we had a CAMPFIRE.....

(Check out Cash's face..hahha)
we were JEALOUS..... ;)

we WATCHED MOVIES..... we WRESTLED...... it was all in fun!!! we CAGED LITTLE BOYS......
again it's a joke!

we were's a PLASTIC sword

and we SLAYED DUCKS.............relax people we really didn't!!! Most of all we celebrated our RISEN SAVIOR!!!!! Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Release the hounds......

or the ducks in our case. We let our Easter Ducks go on Easter Weekend.....

I'm hoping they're still alive ;) We had to chase the to the water,

but once they got there they put their little feet in to feel the wild!!

I asked the kids to tell me how they felt...just look at those sad faces.

Monday, April 18, 2011


So if you don't live here I'm sure you have already heard about the HORRIBLE wind we had on Friday. It was the strangest thing!!! It was like a hurricane without the rain!! People lost roofs, windows, carports, not really we couldn't get that lucky!! Here a few pics of what was going on that day. Trees were down all over town!! That is not a temporary sign that is blown's a permenant HWY sign on 9th and Oklahoma.
Carport at the apartments across from Experiment Lake.
More trees. Trees were actually uprooted from the ground, it was really insane!!
We survived but our newly built fence didn't weather too well, it will need some repair. The ducks survived...yes I left them out during the rainless hurricane. I have to make them tough, they will be released into the wild this Saturday!! HOORAH!!! The rest of the weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope you had a great one!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What did we do this weekend???

We battled ANOTHER Colt mystery illness!!!

On Friday I got a call from Colt's babysitter saying his eyes didn't look good. She didn't say I needed to come get him so I called Gregg and told him to take a look when he dropped Riley off and call me if I need to come get him. About 45 minutes later I got the call...."He's gross you need to take him to the dr." So I rushed over to get him...this was at 3:30 Friday evening. Pink eye was their diagnosis, they sent me to Wal-Mart to pick up some drops. By 6:00 that same evening this was my little fella........ What the heck????!!! I've never seen pink eye look quite like that. He couldn't open his eyes!!! I tried to open them for him so that we could get some drops in.....a light pink blood like fluid came out.....I panicked!! I ran to the phone and called my eye dr, yes it was 8:30 at night, thankfully my eye dr. is also a friend!!! Unfortunatley she WASN'T home!!! After I calmed and he calmed and Gregg calmed we decided to rub the cream on his eyes and wait till the morning. Thankful when he woke up Saturday morning the swelling had gone down and I was able to get his eyes open. We started hard and heavy on the gel.
Sunday morning Riley and I went to Sunday school and I was able to talk to Kristi (our eye dr.) about what was going on and show her pictures. She said "Nope that's not pink eye" Ughhhhh that stupid urgent care!!! She thinks it's a sinus infection so onto antiboitic we went.

By Sunday evening this was Colt.
And today, Monday, he's looking even better. Slowly but surely we'll get our non red eyed, non puffy, crazy little cowboy back.

So how was your weekend???!! Better than ours I hope!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun at the Park!!

The weather here has been on and off usual. We are trying to take advantage of the nice days seeing has how the very next day it could be 30 degrees or winds blowing at a lovely 20-30mph!! So here's just some fun pictures. For some reason I can't get Riley to smile normal, she has to make these wierd smiles or cock her head??
Colt got these hand me down boots from Nate and for about a week and a half he wouldn't take the dang things off!! One night I had to pry them off his feet just to go to bed....seriously pry them off him kicking and screaming.