Monday, February 21, 2011


Oh man it's been a crazy last 2 weeks. But I'm back.... I hope to get back to posting regularly, it's not that I haven't been taking pictures cause you know I have! I just haven't found the time to post any yet or really haven't felt the words to blog. And yes I know I'm not an amazing story teller! Anyway here's a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks.
Gregg lost a younger cousin to a car wreck a couple of weeks ago and though that doesn't make for a very good visit....the kids got to meet some of their second cousins, and they had a blast playing with the twins....Abe and Alex. This is Abe with Colt.And this is Alex. They are both such good boys and pretty darn cute too!! We hope to get together more often.
The kids of course enjoyed the hotel pool and the elevator!!On our way we stopped at Mom and Dad's just to check on the place and to break the long trip up a little. Here is Riley giving her typical pouty face, I mean seriously could that lip get any further out there???And Bubba with his big smile....don't worry he can pout pretty good too.Riley got a tea set for Christmas from Mimi...sounds great......until the painting part comes into it. Well we finally got them all painted and got Colt talked into some other art project. This past weekend I went and watched Lizzy play in Regionals....they made it to Area (which is played in Woodward this week) so I'll get to go watch some more!!! YEAH!!!Oh and this little guy was there too, although he was cheering for the wrong team. Laken (my cousin Blake's son) He was soooo sweet, not shy at all like my two!!And we must not forget how AWESOME the weather was last week, oh I'm ready for Spring!!! Mandy and I were even able to run 5 miles outside on Saturday and it was great!I never can get Colt to jump right infront of me for pictures!!

Along with Gregg's cousin, I also lost a woman who was like a grandmother to me this week, Wynelle Meadows. Tara and I were instant friends and within a month and my first trip out to Bill and Wynelle's I was a Meadows!! Granny was so giving, loving, Christian and family oriented. It will be so hard to go over to their house and not head right to her tv room and get a hug and kiss from Granny. She will be so missed!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Usually I'm all for the snow.....but not when it comes with freezing temps and 100 mph winds!! And especially not when those freezing windy days are followed by a beautiful nearly 70 degree day, it's like Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on us, frankly I'm sick of her mean nature. Get over yourself Mother Nature!!

On a sad note Gregg lost a cousin this weekend to an awful car wreck. Please keep his family in your prayers. Kyle was a sweet, smart, athletic young man, just 27 years old and engaged to be married this summer. I feel such a pain in my heart for his family, please pray from them.

And remember to tell those you love that you do love them, because that chance could be gone in an instance.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!!!

We finally were able to bare the cold!! Finally the temps are hitting in the 20s and 30s here in Woodward and it feels like a heat wave!!! Tomorrow is suppose to be nearly 50.....then Sunday more snow!! Love that OK weather. Anyway the kids finally felt like going outside and doing some playing. They got some snow gear for Christmas but I really didn't feel like bundling them both up for just a short play, we went with snowboots, coats, hats and gloves. It was getting late and I just didn't figure they would stay out that long....oh and I'm lazy!!! The pictures make it look like it was dark outside but it wasn't, I'm not that mean. Here's Riley having a good ole time on the trampoline and Colt not having such a good time....cause he wouldn't put his gloves on!!!Finally he put them on and it was all fun and snot from there on out.

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off.....cause we AREN'T!!! I'm pretty sure Woodward was the only school in Oklahoma that didn't cancel on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. For those of you that went to school here that's no surprise!! Anyway I hope you all are staying nice and warm and safe!!!