Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas and New Year in Duncan!! Part 3

Well guys this is going to be a long one, hang in there with me. I'm finally getting a chance to post our Christmas with my side. We had a great time and got way too much stuff!!! We even had to put some stuff up in the closets and the kids can have a new toy every month. Grandparents are crazy I tell you!!! Every year my mom says and I quote "I didn't do much this year.....you're not getting much this year." YEAH RIGHT!!!
Seriously??!!!......look at all those gifts!!!
An attempt at the grandkids with Nana and PopPop.
Open this Pop Pop....open this!!
The cars were such a success!!!
Check out this jack pot!! Not many gifts this year.....right Mom??? And this doesn't include her 3ft. stocking!!!!
Playing on her new Smart Cycle.
Cash steering the new Smart Cycle while Nana peddles. That's how I like to ride too Cash!!!
Cheering Nana and Cash on.
Giving Aunt Lo a make over.
Time for a little Guitar Hero. I'm HORRIBLE at this by the way!!! If any of you want to feel like a Rock Star just come play me!!!
I think you all know these 2.
I know she looks like her Dad but I really can see some of my Mom in her.
Oh Pop Pop....you are silly!!!
Nater and Mommy.
I think that about wraps up Christmas now it's time to party down for New Year's!!!
We decided that the kids had too much going on with their Christmas presents so we would wait till the next day and let the smoke settle before they opened their stockings.
I know you thought I was kidding about the 3ft stockings. I WASN'T!!!
Here is what we got for my Mom. Stole the idea from the Whiteley's. It turned out pretty cute.

And like you Becky with Max.......I'm still trying to get a NORMAL picture of Gregg!!!

And of course we can't have Christmas without a game of WAHOO!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and I promise no more Christmas pics from me!!!