Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well as most of you know I've lived in NW Oklahoma most of my life. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've driven by the Cherokee Trading Post, but never stopped. Well we stopped this past weekend....and honestly they've got some pretty good stuff in there!!! The kids LOVED all the Indian stuff and they even have live exciting!! ;) A friend tipped me off to the good cowboy and Indian stuff inside and with Cash's cowboy party coming up we decided to stop. Riley thought all the statues were pretty neat...Colt was not too sure about them right off the bat. I'm not too sure this is the proper way to ride a buffalo but we had spent all week at the rodeo and this is how the cowboys rode the bulls and I'm sure that buffalo buck??!!
But he warmed up.....we all warmed up cause it was 111 degrees outside!!!

"Hold it right there...I'm the sheriff in this buffalo riding town!!!"

Here's Riley sporting her new head dress and Indian drum that she just had to have.

Next time you're driving by stop and check it out. I've even heard the restaurant is a pretty good place to have a burger.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Kids!!

So I think I got a few good pics of the kids. Can't wait to print these off and see how they look!! I bought a really cheap photoshop type online program called Picnik, you can use it for free but for a really cheap price you can get all the benefits. I think I caught the boys' personalities to a T!!!

I didn't get a good one of Riley with her cowboy hat on but I'm hoping to take my kids out this week and get some of them so maybe I can talk Riley into a cowboy hat pic.

Love this one. I was able to put a texture to it, I think it makes it look pretty neat.

And in this one can you tell I erased a deer feeder???

This weekend is the weekend I got over to Alva for an all day photography workshop!! I'm getting more and more excited!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talking Thursday

So today there's no pictures....weird right??? I'll have tons of pictures by the end of the week don't worry. Today I'm just feeling like sharing some random thoughts. Everyday I read my favorite blog EVER, The Pioneer Woman, whom by the way, will be starring in her very own Food Network cooking show this fall. I'm VERY excited, she's from Oklahoma, she uses normal ingredients, I just love her and she gives away the best stuff. Well I think it's the best I've never actually won...anyway.. Today the question to answer to register for her give away is

"If you could have dinner with one person throughout the history of time, whom would it be."

A lot of people answered this very intellectually wanting to share dinner with presidents and authors, with great humanitarians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, people that I probably should know but don't. I answer this very easily and child like....My Grandpa Wayne. My Grandpa past away the August (I believe) before I got married. He was one of the first people that I wanted to call and tell that I was FINALLY getting married, he was pretty sick by the time Gregg finally asked and I wanted to be sure to tell him so that he would understand. I know that my Grandpa is watching down on me but I just wish that my kids could of met him, and I know that someday they will. I watch my kids everyday and think oh how my Grandpa would of loved that. Grandpa use to call me "Hollywood" I'm not really sure why but I'm certain that he would call Riley his little Hollywood too. The way she dances and sings and puts on shows he would of adored her (the way he adored all his grandkids and great grandkids) And Colt well I watch him make these funny faces and tease his sister and it just reminds me sooo much of Grandpa. I miss him very much and every time I look down and see a penny on the ground I know it's him watching over us.

Ok so enough of the sadness. My next random thing is and I posted this on Facebook early but as I'm sitting here, STILL STARVING, I asked the question again. Why is it that when I eat an apple I feel more hungery than before I ate the apple???!! I'm trying to be healthier but you're not helping me out here fruit!!!

We went to the rodeo last night....had an awesome time and can you believe I didn't bring my camera??!!! UGGGHHH That makes me soooo mad. Anyway we'll be back and I've already got my camera in my purse!!! Oh and the rodeo clown was pretty darn funny!! "This is as confusing as a Walmart checker saying over the loud speaker, Jose to the front please." Hahahahaaa!! I couldn't believe it and I laughed out loud!!

I'm soooo over this heat...can I get an AMEN??!!! I went for a run this morning at 6 am and at 8 I was still sweating!!! I had to blow dry my hair twice this morning. That is just wrong!!!

Ok so I guess I'm done for now. Oh wait I also wanted to tell ya'll about this awesome website that The Pioneer Woman spotlighted today.... They have some REALLY cute jewelry and I mean REALLY cute stuff!!! Check them out and they are pretty reasonable on their prices. Ok enough Pioneer Woman advertising for today. Pictures to come!!! Cash's birthday party is this weekend and we'll ALL be there so you know I'll have tons and I'm trying to talk Leia into letting me take prego that don't happen but i can try!!! Later Taters....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well it's that time again.....

The time of year where it couldn't be any hotter (well that's been all summer long really) and my kids want to be cowboys and sit outside every night and watch the rodeo....or radio as Riley likes to call it. We talk horses and we talk boots, we talk about how Uncle Scott use to be in rodeos and why he's not in this one. Every year the rodeo is kicked off with the Chain Ranch and a cattle drive, very exciting stuff even for one of the nation's friendliest towns. Yes that's right Woodward, OK is in the top running for America's friendliest town check us out and search Woodward. Impressive stuff for our little town!! Anyway back to the rodeo......I took an early lunch so I could bear the heat with the kids and they could be cowboys...or at least watch cowboys for a short time.

Waiting in the heat...... Here they come Riley!!! I wish I had gotten a better picture of Colt's face, he was sooo excited!!I just love the look of our little main street here.Not lovin the look thos shops in the back look bad!!!

Hahaha!! "I wish I were a cowboy....I wish I'd learned to rope and ride..." Can't you just hear it it in the background.And what would longhorns be without friends???!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Shoot!!

Last night I FINALLY got Riley talked into a mini photo shoot and of course since I was asking Riley to pose then Colt wanted right in the mix. Anyway these pictures are really for my Mom. The red dress that Riley has on was given to my Mom by her Grandmother when she was little,

**Nope I was wrong it was given to her by her Great Grandpa Sterba, who called her his "Little Papoose" Pretty sure that makes the story better!! Thanks Aunt Debbie and Gigi!**

Mom's been wanting pictures but Riley was never willing....imagine that!!

Anyway here ya go Mom!! I especially like this one. The bench that she is standing on is from my Great Grandma Sterba's house, which is who got the dress for my Mom. Really neat I think... Next weekend I've signed up for a FREE photography workshop in Alva!! I'm pretty pumped!! I hope to learn lots!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Look who we saw!!!

Now I'm not certain that this is Sally...but how many ducks have a cowlick???!!! Riley thought it was her anyway and that made her very happy :)We had a little park time this weekend...yes even in this heat. I mean seriously could it get any hotter?? This is just ridiculous!! Please someone remind me of this insane heat when I'm complaining about the cold.....I'll quickly shut my mouth!!!

We decided to take advantage of the new paddle boat dock out at Crystal Beach. The kids loved it and really it was a pretty good workout for 30 minutes. I'm thinking I should run from my house (1 mile) paddle boat for 30 minutes then run back home....sounds like a great workout to me??!!

Their 4 man boats were all broken so Gregg let us ride and he would take pictures....what a gentleman!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of.....A LOT OF PICTURES!!

Yes it's true I take a A LOT of pictures and though it may annoy you now, one day you will be glad!!!

This 4th of July like every 4th of July since I've been with/married to Gregg we headed to cabin. What was different this time you might ask.......we brought our kids!! Normally we make this an adult only weekend and try to act like we are 23 again, well times they are a changin!!! That change didn't take away from our fun, it just helped us make some new memories.....that include our children and not speedoes ;)

As soon as we got to the cabin swimming was a must!!!

My parents gave us this when they moved....."THE MEGASTATION" Cabin lake+The Megastation = tons of fun!!! Here we are all waiting for the launch..... Oh if we only had this 7 years ago the fun we could of had......the Megastation comes with built in coolers.....if you catch my drift!!!

Here is Del showing the kids how to jump off the dock!! The old man's still got it!!

The next day we loaded everyone up and headed to the Travertines, a bit crowded for my liking when it comes to lake swimming that is. Thankfully Colt was ready for a nap and a snack (of course) by the time we got there so Steph and I "had" to take him back ;)

JuMping from "Little Niagara"

Addison and Brooklynn are fearless, unlike my FEARFUL children!!!

And on Sunday it was firework time!! Del taking 1 of 3 loads down to the dock.

And of course the 4th of July wouldn't be complete without homemade ice cream!!!

This is where Riley stayed during the fireworks.....yes she is still afraid of them!!!

Colt was ready!!

Let the show begin!!!

Stephanie is ready for the show.

And finally you can't go to the cabin without some fishing.

Del and his mounter!!! Colt and Riley both caught a few......but......

Brooklynn was the bigger winner she was reeling them in left and right!!!

And on our way home we stopped in Bricktown for Transformers!!! YYYYEEESSSSS!!! I LOVED IT!!! and some splash pad and food of course.

Colt's new trick.....I told him not to get too wet!!

The girls looked like little fairies jumping and dancing through the water. They all love it!!

And then the fairies are transformed into this!!!!

I'm telling you that Colt could probably win a contest for "Who can make the most funny faces." This kid has 100 of them!!!We went Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner.....the last time I was there I shook Chuck Norris's hand...this time we got balloon animals!!! And the food was just as good as I remember it!!A guitar for this guy.A hat for Addro And bunnies for the twins!!!

ONce again we had another amazing weekend this summer, but to be quite honest......I CAN'T WAIT FOR A WEEKEND OF NOTHING!!!!! And in just 3 weeks we will be headed up to Colorado for our first visit to Mom and Dad's new house!!! Can't wait!!