Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to my ONE AND ONLY!!!

Today is Gregg's 35th birthday......WOW he is really old!!!! I'm so lucky (and he reminds me just how lucky I am quite often) to get to spend everyday with someone that; makes me laugh, made me a wife, made me a mom, provides, puts up with me, is an example, strong christian man, will do things he might not really want to do but does it cause I do.
I thank God for FINALLY bringing the love of my life to me!!!
I hope you have a great day Gregg!!! I love you more than I say!!!

As you can tell from his facial expressions in most of these pictures.....
he must really love me too!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Look at her getting in there, even kicking the ball a few times. I was a proud mama this day!!!

This one just cracks me up!! Hey I didn't say she was all-stater.......yet!! ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Game #1

A COMPLETE DISASTER!!!! I'm going to tell you just how awful it was so that one day when she is a soccer all-stater (like her mother :0) ) we can look back at this and laugh!!! Call me a horrible parent but I was MORTIFIED!!!! I wanted to call a time out take her to the port a potty and spank her till she couldn't do anything but play soccer!!! Everyother girl on our team did awesome. They ran, they kicked, they laughed and every single one of them scored a goal!!! Everyone but Riley, and actually I don't even care about that. I told her all I wanted her to do was to run with the girls, I don't care if you ever touch the ball just run. Oh no she stood there crying and one point WAS SUCKING HER THUMB!!!!! Now mind you she has NEVER sucked her thumb even as a baby NEVER sucked her thumb but she sucked her thumb this weekend!!!! So I'm praying very hard to show a little grace to my own child, which just sounds horrible to say but it's true. I'm praying for patience and I'm praying for NO MORE THUMB SUCKING!!!! Please everyone pray for me and pray for Riley's protection from me!!! Here are a few pics from the game, actually looks like she is going to play in these pictures.

Look at the hands on the head.....sheer panic!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let the games begin!!!

Well it's official......I'm a SOCCER MOM!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Grandparent's Day.....A day late.

I'm sooo bad at remembering things, so just mark this as one more thing I forgot!! My kids really do have the BEST set of Grandparents in the world. I couldnt' ask for 4 better people to love, accept, spoil, play with, babysit and all the wonderful other things that they do.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes I know I have been quite blogless lately, but school has started and so have our extracurricular activities. Yes that's right we have started extracurricular activities!! Dance, soccer, church, and even homework is keeping us quite busy in the evenings. You read that right HOMEWORK for a pre-k student!!! Tonight will be our first soccer practice and I say we because some how I got conned into coaching Riley's team. I'm pretty nervous cause I don't really know the rules or what I'm doing. Oh well they're 4 what do they really need to know......we'll see about that. Anyway here is Riley working on her very first homework assignment.

I wonder if she'll still be smiling while doing homework 6 years from now?? Her assignment was to be creative, use other things besides crayons to color a picture of herself. She went to town with the glitter!!

She's still liking school, having fun at dance, singing loud at choir, and hopefully will be scoring at soccer. OH and Colt is tagging along and keeping up with every step!! Gregg is still not loving school and football season has started.