Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season.....

For PROGRAMS!!!! We started off our Christmas season with our church program. Both kids performed this year (if you call sticking your tongue out (Colt) performing??) Here is the moment he saw us for the first time. Notice he's trying to get that tongue back in his mouth!! He didn't sing a bit but he stayed up there so that counts for something right??Then it was Riley's turn. We had to sit kind of far away so that Colt wouldn't see us right away so my pics are not so good. She sang her little heart out and spoke loud and clear on her poem.....even though we didn't practice a lick, sorry Mrs. Harrington!!And our annual Daisy and Riley picture. I've been taking this very picture since they were 2 or 3....whenever their first year to perform was, 2 I think. They are growing up so fast!!!And the girls wanted to add a funny face to the yearly tradition. I can't wait to whip these out when they are seniors in high school!!!Then it was on to the school progam. Again we sat too far away and the camera just doesn't zoom that well. She has a great class and they are did so well. They sang a lot of songs and motions to go with all of them. Mrs. Spray (the music teacher) is doing a wonderful job!!!
Sign language to "One Small Voice" it was so cute. They sang it last year too, it's such a good little song.

Riley's fan club!!

And the fam. And Colt's new face he gives when he doesn't want to do something!! Terd!!!

I think that's all the programs we have this year. We still have a few parties to attend and the count down is on for Christmas break (I'm not sure who counts more often Gregg or Riley)!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aunt Ri and Uncle Too

I got to take some pics this weekend.....no nothing new but this was kind of like a REAL photo shoot!!!! OOOOOOO!!!! So here are just a few of the pics I've had a chance to edit wanted to get them up for Aunt Rita to take a look at. I took A LOT of pics so stayed tuned for some of my other favs!! Since Santa hasn't been here yet I'm just using a free photoshop website called Picnik. I think it does a pretty good job....for FREE!!!

Love the capture of this little moment. Sweet!!

Love these!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running and Eating!!

Great combo right!! Well I finished my second and LAST half marathon!! I beat my previous time by 10 minutes and met my goal of not walking....so that's it for me!! THAT'S IT!!! DO YOU HEAR ME FRIENDS.....DON'T ASK ME TO DO ANOTHER ONE!!!!!! Not sure if I'm dancing or what here, but it certainly doesn't look like running!!!FINISHED!!!!! Can you tell I've ran one of these before??? I'm being sure to look right at the camera at all chances!!Kate and I finished about 5 seconds apart....she beat me. Those little legs can move!!! So one week later and not an inch ran....I ate myself into a frenzy!!! THANKSGIVING!!!Our first Thanksgiving as one big all grown up family. Sniff Sniff. And we had to cook....well Mom did most of it.I made all the kids shirts....LOVE PINTEREST. Wish creeping pinterest and making the things I like could be my full time job!!! I would be President of the company!!!!The back of the shirts had tail feathers but of course none of them would pose. Of course we had a hospital trip and of course it was my kid!!! We thought he had broke his nose after taking a dive off the scooter and meeting the curb. Kids as young as Colt don't really have a nose bone yet so luckly just shifted around some cartlidge and he will be fine!! Still pretty bruised, scabbed and swollen....but he'll live to see another curb I'm sure of that!!!Then we did some photos.Nice or.......Naughty!!!!!

So thankful for all I have and looking forward to celebrating the rest of the Christmas Season with family and friends!!!!