Friday, October 29, 2010

Scar Face.......Not really!!!

This was taken just the morning. Looking so much better!!! Just trying to keep antibacterial cream on to keep it nice and soft. Oh and praying for no scar, but really I dont' think it will!! Yeah!!!

So I guess James only takes pictures once a year for NOSA and apparently he's waiting till the spring. Well we are not playing this spring, too cold for me. So I took it upon myself to take some pictures of the girls, man I really wish I had that camera I'm asking Santa for now!! Anyway the point and shoot will have to work for now. Here's my Kickin Cutie and her first year of soccer!!! Turned out to be a much better season than I thought!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diary of Yuckiness....Post #4

Aren't ya'll lovin how I keep changing what the name of this Diary is?? Well it reflects the sore....ever changing. I know by this picture it doesn't look any better, it seems to be more red. But I think that's a good thing and if you could see it in person so would you. All the blisters are now gone and the scabs are coming on. By the way how gross is the word scab?? Anyway he's doing good and still his ever ornery self. I praise God everyday that this is all we are dealing with, it could be so much worse. There are tons of families, even many in our small town, that are going or have gone through much scarier!!!

Update on the potty training......what potting training??? He has NOTHING to do with it except to laugh whenever he toots (which by the way Riley NEVER did, this must be a boy thing) or while he is peeing in his diaper!! I know, I know if he's able to laugh about it he's old enough to do it in the potty. I'm going to get serious about it VERY soon!!! We've been slightly preoccupied lately.

And here's just a pretty cute one of the 2 of precious kiddios!!! As you can see in the back we are having some construction done at the moment!!! VERY EXCITING!!! We are FINALLY getting rid of the ugly white shingles....THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Getting some guttering and a new fence, seriously thank you JESUS for that hail storm a couple of weeks ago!!!! I'm taking progress pictures so I'll post those when the job is complete, I know you are all dying to see those!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diary of the Unknown.... Post #3

So this picture was taken today, Wednesday, it has now been at least a week that this has been going on and we still have no real answer!! It does seem to be getting better. This picture was taken this morning and even by this evening it's looking a lot better!!! Dr. Garner added a new RX to the mix, he's not sure if it's a bacteria or if it's viral. So we have now started a viral topical cream. I know to most of you it's not looking very good but I swear the pictures make it look worse. I do think you'll see a difference tomorrow. Keep praying for my little man he still has a ways to go before he looks normal!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Diary of ......well we aren't sure anymore

Not sure how many of you saw my Facebook posts yesterday but it seems that this is not a spider bite after all. Not sure what it is but Dr. Garner right away knocked down the idea of a spider bite. If only Urgent Care (Crappy Care as I think I'll refer to it from know on) would of taken a culture on Saturday when we first came in we would know a lot more. They aren't able to do one now since he's been on antibiotics for a couple of days. Dr. Garner threw out the idea of staph and shingles but has reason to knock each of them down. I've gotten tons of responses from people that all seem to have had something similar that could all be possibilities. One of my friends mentioned her husband had something similar when he was young and it was determined to be a hay fungus. Which could make sense seeing how we went to a fall festival and Colt did the hay maze just last Tuesday. Another friend mentioned she had a spider bite that then became staph. It does look to be getting better, I think. We go back to the dr. tomorrow and hopefully he will like what he sees. I just hate that we probably won't know what it is unless he gets it again. Thanks to everyone that has been praying, we really appreciate it!!! Colt is in great spirits, you wouldn't think anything was wrong if it wasn't for the huge sore on his face!!! Whenever he sees a picture of the sore he looks at me and says "EWWWWWW" My thoughts exactly!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Diary of a Spider Bite....and some other stuff

Yes we had yet another fun filled weekend with more trips to the doctor!!! Not only does Gregg have a chronic case of the hiccups, yes you read me right the hiccups, Colt has a spider bite on his precious little face. It happened sometime mid last week but I'm not certain on the exact day, me being the Dr. that I am thought it was impetigo, which Riley used to get when she was young. It wasn't till Saturday that I decided something just ain't right here. Took him to urgent care they said spider bite gave him some antibotics and steroids and sent us home. Told me to look for streaking or black and come back on Monday. So that's what I did. Now you look at these pictures and tell me what you think.

PIcture #1 - Very red and yucky looking
Picture #2 - Does this not looking like streaking to you????
They tell me that it's just the redness going away in a non symetrical way.....really???? Cause I don't think so. I immediately call our regular doc and get him in Tuesday, then pull a favor and get him in with another doc today!!! Think I'll keep posting pictures everyday so we can see the end results.

We did have some fun this weekend it wasn't all doctors and hiccups. It was Woodward's homecoming this week so Gregg took the kids to the parade and they were excited with all the candy they got, we headed to the ball game and the Boomers won!!
Ethan Matt (Melanie Lyons son) and Riley. 1 year apart in school
Ben Cheap and Colt. 1 year apart.
On Saturday morning I ran in my first 5k since my knee surgery, although I wouldn't say that was all that fun. It turned out to be a cross country trail which means trail run which means way harder which means I nearly lost all bodily control and had to sit on my foot to keep myself from peeing my pants right there at the finish line. Just another one of those things that Mandy got me into. On a good note our good friend Mark was in town and he ran with us. Well not with us but way way way ahead of us!!! The shirts were cute and that's really the only reason I run. I love how "Boomer Bob" is making a come back!! Not sure that's what the kids are calling him but I think that's what we called him.
Pre-race. All happy and smiles here. Wait about 15 minutes not so happy then!!!Post race after I've got my bodily fluids under control again!!
The reason I enter these stupid things!!! Mandy got 2nd and I got 3rd......out of 4 maybe!!!!
On Sunday I finally got the kids pumpkins to decorate and instead of carving we went with painting. They loved it!!!
The finished products!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Princess Day!!

This week is Homecoming here in Woodward, so alum I expect each of you back here this weekend, kids at ECC are having a dress up week. Monday was PJ day, Wednesday is wear your favorite team day, and Friday is black and gold day. So yesterday I'm trying to explain to Riley that she needs to pick a shirt of her favorite team. I'm thinking her very cute soccer jersey, but she informs me that she doesn't even like soccer so she will not be wearing it. She begins to tell me that the school should have a Princess day, so I ask well what would the boys wear on Princess day. She thinks for a second, staring out the window, then looks at me very seriously and says "The boys would wear a handsome bowtie, handsome pants, handsome shirts, handsome shoes, and have a handsome wand. And the girls would wear cool shoes."
Where do they come up with this stuff!!!!
You're my princess everyday Ri Bug!!!