Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to get it together!!!

From this day forward I vow to update!!!  Here is a EXTREMELY brief update.....with TONS of stuff left out!!

 This summer we took our very first "family vacation" to Branson.  We had tons of fun and I really look forward to more family fun!

We had a pretty good soccer season!!  Colt cried and Riley is getting really pretty darn good!!

Gregg and I went to an OSU football game!  GOOOO POKES!!
Dad and Mom took the daughters and all the kids to Branson this fall. 

 A weekend trip to OKC was fun
Who can leave out Halloween
I bummed some tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and we made a date of 4 generations.

 Colt shot is first gun......BB gun that is.
And we had a girls' night out.

 Took the train to Fort Worth with our friends.
                                                                                                                     Homecoming 2013
Built a snowman with the first snow of 2013

Showed some love on Valentines Day
And today we have a snow day.
Ok so there is your quick update.......
I know I left out that we bought a new house, added another member to the Settle fam with Nashey Poo, had Easter, Christmas, 4th of July and a few birthdays.  I promise to do soooo much better this year starting TODAY!!!
I'm BAAAACKKKK blog world!!!!!