Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with the Fam!!

This weekend Lana and Alyssa were at Aunt Debbie's, so you know we never miss a chance to get together, off to Kingfisher we went. We had such a nice day. They had planned an entire day of fun for the kids. First it was lunch then a hay ride, then carmeled apples, then pumpkins, then another hay ride, with all the playing they could stand in between. I of course walked out of the house and left my camera right on the counter. Luckily Trisha and Uncle Ken forwarded the pictures they took so I could blog about it. Gregg stayed home with Colt because he's had a bit of a cold that's why you won't see him.

Funny story about the hay ride. We rode through the neighborhood and when a car would come up behind us everyone would wave, well almost everyone would wave back. There of course had to be one car that didn't and we all were saying "Well I can't believe they are not waving. " "Why aren't they waving?" When from the front of the trailer Kaleb who is 4 says very nonchalantly "Well it's probably because they think we are all a bunch of retards." hahaha! It was pretty funny!

The newest member of our family, little Boston.

Time for decorating pumpkins.

One more funny story to leave you with. My cousin Jena who I believe is in the 2nd grade this year started Catholic school this year, it's the same school that Lara (her Mom) teaches at. They have to attend religion class and Jena fell asleep during class one day. Well being the good student that she is she went up to the teacher and told her "I'm sorry Ms. (I'm not sure what her name is) but I fell asleep in class today." The teacher said "Well Jena maybe you should pray to God for forgiveness for falling asleep during religion class." Jena's response was....wait for this it's great............."I don't need forgivness....I needed a NAP."

OH kids got to love them!!!!!
I love this picture.
Kaleb, Gracie, and Abby.
Have a great Halloween week. Can't wait to see all the blogs next week.

Family Picture Time!!
Gregg always loves this time of year. Here are just a few of my favorites. Katie of course did an awesome job!! We love them all.

Happy Halloween!!

Do you think he'll love me for this picture when he's older??!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With a little help....

Colt has his first baby food!!! He had some butternut squash and liked it, he never gave a bad face, he just took it and wanted more. I guess tomorrow night we will try some fruit and see how well that goes. It's a good thing that he's a good sport because Riley is always right there with a helpful hand. She really is a good sister and he is a good little brother. Watch this all the way to the end cause Ri has started this funny thing of "Thank you very much" and taking a bow. It's pretty cute and I have no idea where she got it from but it makes us laugh. I hope everyone is enjoying this winter like weather.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm not sure??!!

Do you think we have enough bows!!! And they were all made with love from Aunt Leia!! Don't forget to check out Leia's new web site for all your bow needs.

Here's few of my favorite new pictures of my kiddos. Enjoy.
She's been off the binkie now for over a year, but every once in awhile I'll find her with one of Colt's in her mouth.
Sleepy head.
And the best for last. I love this picture!!
So I won 4 tickets to the Thunder pre-season game and it was a lot of fun!! I think that we just got a glimpse of how the real games are going to be and the glimpse was pretty cool. I can't wait for the games to start.
Super star Kevin Durant.
Two of my favorites, Desmond Mason and John Lucas. GO POKES!!
I'm not sure what this picture was, but it's pretty funny.
My and Lei.
Yes I think we look more alike now than ever.

Half time show....part of it. They picked 20 "random" people from the crowd to participate in this dunk contest. I caught on pretty quickly that some of them were not "random" . Even after the game we heard people saying "Man those people out of the crowd could really dunk." COME ON NOW PEOPLE!! Let's see if you can pick who is "random".

Thanks again Mom for watching all 3 of the kids!!

Jumpin Colt!
Colt loves jumping! He already tries to stand up and can hold himself up for awhile. He thinks he is soooo big.

I love you Pop Pop!!!

Ok here, finally, is that video I promised of Colt talking to my Dad. I'm telling you he loves him!!! Colt is growing soooo fast. He gave one of his first belly laughs this weekend and it was sooo cute. Those moments are priceless. I have lots of updating to do so stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just call me Lacy Crocker!!
Well maybe I'm not that good but it's pretty good for me. Our church is having a bake sale so they asked some of the ladies of the church to bring something. This is what I came up with and I just had to show off a little. I'm not Martha or Sandra Lee but I am coming along, keep looking for me on Ace of Cakes!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm not the only one that LOVES my Dad!!

My son thinks he's pretty great too. Not too many kids like my Dad, I think it has to do with how loud it can sometimes get. That doesn't seem to matter to Colt though. Anytime my Dad is around Colt is all smiles and ready to talk. Here is the proof for those of you that can't believe it.
I tried to add a video but I'm having problems, I'll add it tonight at home.
I caught the bug again!!
Don't worry it's just the remodeling bug. This weekend Mom and Dad came for a visit so I put Dad right to work. I'm not real sure if there is a better Dad out there, ours is pretty hard to beat!!! They got here right at about 5:00 on Thursday and we got right to work.
Look back at my previous post to see the before.
Demo what a fun thing!!!

Yes I helped.

Even Gregg helped....although I don't really think he wanted to.

Demo complete on Thursday evening. Dad is a fast worker, messy, but fast!!
By Friday 5:00 Dad pretty much had it finished up. We just had to plaster and add ,yes that's right I'm probably the only person in the world to use the words "Add popcorn ceiling". That will be a hole new project someday!! Just a quick money saver for any of you out there needing to add popcorn to the ceiling....DON'T DO IT!!! We used 7 or 8 cans at 13 bucks a pop just to fill the little portion of our ceiling.
Me adding the plaster.

And the end results!!!
It's so nice it really seems to open up the kitchen. Thank you so much DAD for all your hardwork!!! I love you very much!! And Mom thanks for running with the kids while we worked!!! You both are the best!! Love you.