Monday, September 29, 2008

Another busy weekend!!

Well this weekend was homecoming here in Woodward so we started off the weekend with a parade. Riley decided she would ride in the parade this year and can't you tell by her expression that she is soooo excited to be a Boomer!!! I'm pretty sure she looked this way all the way through.

On Sunday I got this bright idea that I would paint my dining, kitchen, and laundry rooms. So here are my ending pictures, of course I didn't get any before. I'm not real sure if I'm loving it but maybe it will rub off on me. I'm of course going to have to get all new decor now that I've changed the look. Yes it's orange and the lighter color is a sage green maybe alittle lighter than that.

Here is a close up of our new countertops. Gregg put these in this summer. He did an awesome job!!

Here is Riley helping me clean up. I wonder why I don't clean up in the nude. I'm sure I wouldn't look this cute.

And here is a little something to make you all smile.

Presenting the next American Idol!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well even though Gregg is not coaching varsity football this year we still have a few nights without him so this evening I decided to take Riley to McDonald's so she could play and for a reward of doing so well with her potty training. I talked Pepper and Kim into coming along as well. Riley got each of us up into the play place with her for a little fun.
Here we are before McDonalds getting our nightly run/walk in. Yes that's right I'm trying to run and it's pretty tough in this old age!!
And I drag Pepper into this funness too.

I was the first to get dragged up into the Play Place.

Ri coming down the slide......then having to go back up to help her mom out.

Then it was Pepper's turn. Heading up to the hanging tunnel.

Stepping in the tunnel....
And coming out of the tunnel. They were both too chicken to go across.
Now for Kimmie.
She did get across the hanging tunnel and even got Riley across.
Colt got into some of the fun too.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Blayre!!!!
Sorry we are soo late but the days are getting away from me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The growing days of Colt.

Well some of you have asked for more pictures of Colt so here you go.

Colt at his first Boomer home game. We drag Pepper along for some help and for good company. Too bad Colt couldn't witness a victory from the Boomers. It was another bad day to be a Boomer.

Pooped out.

Sister making him laugh.

Enjoying Saturday football with Dad.

He always has a smile for the camera.
Getting a haircut from sister.
He's ready for his close up now.
Bathtime with Sissy.
Still smiling.

I know this video is not very clear but you can hear my little call talking up a storm.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What will I find next??!!!

Well Riley has hit that age where she is into everything and if it's quiet you better believe she's doing something she shouldn't be. The last couple of nights she has been terrorizing the house. Sometimes I'm so mad I can't even think to run and grab my camera, last night I remembered!!! To start the night off we were getting ready to head out for our evening run, I was in the back getting Colt ready and in comes Riley carrying her markers. The lids were on so I didn't think much of it and she hadn't been out of sight for too long well as I enter the living room this is what I find!!!!

Sam you're not alone, thankfully these were washable markers!!! Thanks a lot Nana!!
It did come up for the most part, I think you can still see some of the green. She did get a spanking for this one.

After the walk I got the kids in the bathtub, got them both washed up, took Colt to his room and let out the water. I should of known when I didn't hear Riley yelling for me or singing or something that she was up to something. So I grabbed my camera and in I went to see what was up. When I got in there she had gotten the Baby Magic down and had pumped out a third of the bottle and decided to wash up again!! WHAT WILL BE NEXT and what will I do when they are both into it!!!

No spanking for this one.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I took these pics of my favorite little fella this weekend. He's growing up so fast already. Enjoy my smiling little guy.

Here's Riley and Nana having some fun this weekend while we were at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Larry's.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ode to High School

That is what I would like to call this throw back. Just look at how ridiculous we look. I mean did we really think we looked good. Mandy G. you better call Ryan in cause I even threw one in of him. Sam I'm still looking for the barn dance pic that I have and you are wearing combat boots with some shorts and you look real cute. I will post that at a later time it probably deserves it's very on post.

Now these are after high school but were still a lot of fun.
Billie, how much fun did we have this summer?
And what a fun night this was at ole City Limit.
Tara and I at the OSU/OU game about 100 years ago. Too fun and too drunk!!!
Good friends are few and far between. I love all of you!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Throw back to all my Neosho Girls!!!

Well Whit here you go I dug up some pics and how dorky do we look???!! I mean could my eyebrows get any bigger and did you always tuck all of your shirts in?? What in the heck and we thought we were pretty cool.

How young we were!

Nice braided belt Whit!! :) My head looks way too big to be on my body. Can anyone say bobble head??
Heidi Ho!!! You know I didn't forget you.

Now what a crew this was. Good times.

What a handsome fella. A second Dad!! Love Jer and Sher.
We were so sad and alittle tipsy maybe.

AHH.....Stro. How many laughs did she give us and how many times did I have to take off to the bathroom cause I thought I was going to laugh so hard I would pee my pants. Speaking of peeing pants....Whit do you remember on our way out to the run around campus and Michal jumped on Amanda's back and she collapsed and you had to take off and run behind a bush right there in the middle of campus to pee!! Ooohhh the good times!

Now Whit I dont' think you were being nice in this pic. hahahaha!! I love the face!

And your trip to Murray. My time there would of been a heck of a lot better if you would have been there the entire time!!!
I miss ya girl!! One of the best best friends a girl could have.