Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well it seems as though I forgot to blog about Easter Day. We in fact did celebrate Easter!! Not going to be a lot of words here just pics.
Dressed in our Easter bests.
Baskets from Mimi and Pawpaw. My kids are sooo spoiled!!! They got 3 baskets this year!! The Easter Bunny, and both Grandparents.
My attempted at all the grandkids. This never works, when will I give it up??!!
And the hunt is on!!!
Checkin out the goods.
Riley thought she "Won" the egg hunt cause she got the "Golden Egg"

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Knee Update!

I've had a couple people ask how the knee was doing so I thought I'd do a post on it. I'm feeling pretty good, still have quite a bit of pain but I'm walking around without crutches, swelling is going down and I'm taking no more pain meds. In my head I really thought this was going to be no big deal the Dr. said scope and I thought oh what's a couple of wholes......Well I was WRONG!!! When I woke up from surgery I was HURTIN people, I swear the pain was worse than either of my C-sections!! I don't recommend any of you tearing up your ACL anytime soon!!!
Just a reminder of pre-surgery knees.
And post surgery knee. Riley had made me a "Get Well Mommy" egg when I returned home on Wednesday. Looks pretty good right??
Well let me just show you what's under those bandages.......This looked sooo much worse in real life. I was sitting out on the front porch watching Colt play outside, Riley had went inside for something and when she opened the door and saw my knee she immediateley started crying, I wanted to join her. Remember in my mind there was only going to be a few holes, no one told me about the 3 inch cut!!! The swelling was horrible looking, I was a little freaked and let's remember I don't really freak out that often.
Well after a couple of days I got use to the sight and now it's not that bad. Easter didnt' really help the swelling of my leg and foot.

But I did get to ride in one of these!!!! I know all of you at one time or another have wanted to hijack a cart at WalMart.

And today (one week and 2 days after surgery) it's looking pretty good.
Still a little swelling and some bruising, but I'm getting more motion in it everyday. I started physical therapy on Monday so the road to recovery is just around the corner.......yea right!!!
I always thought I was a patient person, I've learned something about myself.........I'm not!!! I want my leg to move and I want my quad to flex, I want to walk normally and I want to take a shower without having to keep my leg dry!! I NEVER and I repeat NEVER thought I would miss exercise, but I am. I felt sooooo much better when I could work out, my energy level is down the pooper!!! I would like everyone to take a moment and feel sorry for me.......;) Ok enough of that crap!!!! I go back to the Dr. on the 14th and I hope to hear that I'm right on schedule, that I will be up and running in 4 weeks. Oh and I have another pretty funny story to share with you. Day of the surgery I get home and pretty much go right back to bed, well after a couple of hours the door bell rings. It's the neighbor girls coming over to see if Riley can play. They begin to question me about my leg and I tell them what has happened and that I had surgergy this morning, yada yada. And then one of the little girls asks......."Well what happened to your face??" "What?" I said "My face? Well nothing happened to my face." She replies back "Well you usually look real pretty, but your not today." I could say nothing!!!! I just laughed. I guess they've never seen me without makeup, and to think I go to WalMart ALOT without any makeup on. Kids really do say the DARNEST things!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eve!!

Easter just wasn't the best for me this year. With surgery on Wednesday and Easter that weekend I just wasn't feelin it, but my leg and foot sure were!! The kids had a good time and that's always what's most important. They got to spend the night at the Grandparents' house and play with cousins so who really cares about Mom's suffering??!! The weekend was so perfect weather wise. Finally an Easter when you didn't have to wear a coat and cover up your pretty new Easter clothes!!
Anyway back to Easter Eve. Pretty much just played outside and enjoyed the sun.
Not sure if he thought it was a chair or if he wanted to go inside and play.
More funny faces!!

Later that afternoon Debbie had plans for some arts and crafts. The girls colored, panted, and glued cut out easter eggs. Colt tried some arts and crafts but he really wasn't that into it. He would rather dump out the water and splash in the mess!!

They all worked very hard. Finished product........

Easter Day to follow!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny Faces!!

Riley and Colt are really getting into making funny faces for the camera. As you can see Colt can only make one funny face right now, but I'm sure more are to come. Riley gets her funny face ability from her Dad, he can come up with some real good ones.

Same face.

I guess the foward tilt of the head makes if funnier ;)

This picture I told Riley I wanted a pretty picture and this is what she did.

Riley is helping Colt make a new funny face.

I guess it was pretty funny ;0)

This weekend Colt started saying "CHEEESE" when you take his picture. So I'm sure for the next couple of months all his pictures will be mid-cheese.

How lucky are we???!!! Pretty darn lucky if I do say so myself!!!

I took lots of Easter pictures this weekend so like everyone else I'll be breaking it up in a couple of posts. Hope everyone had a blessed one!!!