Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing in Particular

Before I got my new camera I took A LOT of pictures.....well honey you ain't seen nothin yet!!! Just ask my family....no Leia you can't comment on that!!! I still really have NO knack for photography but I sure try!!! And maybe if I could figure out photoshop my pictures would look A LOT better. So here ya go just a bunch of pictures, no cute stories, no theme...just pictures. I know Colt....EWWWWWW.....your nose EWWWW, your face EWWWW, those teeth EWWWW

The girl can strike a pose....even in those heels!!

I've decided that pictures look sooo much better outside when I don't have to use my flash. Unfortunately I live in the darkest house in America and ALWAYS have to use my when inside....which SUCKS!!!Ummmm....everyone in the house is enjoying Just Dance, yes that's right even Gregg!!! Please ignore the mess of my "DARK" house, I'm just too busy taking pictures to clean!!!

They've discovered a new play place...Riley's toy box. They really love it until they have to pick up all the toys that came out of the box!!!

Doin some homework. Look at the concentration in those tiny hands

Well I hope you enjoyed this post of nothing in particular......I loved sharing it with you!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Shoulda Been a Cowboy....

What do you mean "SHOULDA"???
Does it get anymore "Cowboy" than ridin a bronc in your undies??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You've heard of Green eggs and Ham.....

But how about Green pancakes and bacon???!!! As I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, well more like looking at pictures on my favorite blog, The Pioneer Woman (thanks Leslie BTW, love it!!!) I saw a picture of colored pancakes. Well with my childrens' love of pancakes in mind we went to work.

And we went to work.....
And Green and Blue pancakes is what we got, I was out of red food coloring ;(

The kid LOVES him some bacon....really who can blame him??!!

My pictures didn't turn out ANYTHING like those that were on The Pioneer Woman....but they kids loved it anyway.

I don't think Colt ate his pancakes but he devoured the bacon....Riley had like 3 pancakes, she loved it!!!

So I don't know what is going on with my posting because I can't get anything to line up....it's putting pictures everywhere and won't let me type where I want to???!! What is going on??!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The best night EVER!!!

Yes that's right it ranks right up there with one of my "Best Nights EVER"!!!

My 4 best friends; Mom, Leia, Lori

....and REBA,

1 of the best looking men of all time; George,
a set of great tickets; Club Level and then right into the SUITE,

good food, and amazing memories.....And we owe it all to one AWESOME DAD!!!! Thanks Dad, we missed you!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At the Dinner Table.....

We pray, we eat, we talk, we laugh.......we make funny faces!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moore Christmas makes us JUST DANCE!!!

We finally finished up Christmas with a trip to Pampa...We had a great time, again ate TOO much, got too much but this time we DANCED too much!!! If you've got a Wii and you don't have it already I suggest Just Dance!! It is soooo much fun and it's the first game on Wii that Riley has really been able to do and that has kept her interest for any amount of time, she's really not a gamer ;) Anyway here are a thousand more pictures from my new and improved camera in which you really still can't tell I got a new and improved camera :( But I still LOVE it and still LOVE using it!!!

Mimi and the girls. Mimi reading her annual Christmas time story.
This year for Debbie's Christmas present we took a family picture with my NEW camera. I didn't have a tripod and it was FREEZING outside so it really didn't turn out as nice as I would of liked but she loved it and I guess that's all that counts.

Here's TB enjoying is new OSU hat.
Colt enjoying his stack of presents...waiting patiently to open.

Ri striking a pose.

Brooklynn striking a pose.
Addison taking a moment away from being Santa to strike a pose.
Colt got some big legos....which I already hate and he loves.....i've picked them up a 100 times already!!!
Riley got a diary or as she calls it a....... wait.......wait for it........her DIARRHEA BOOK!!! hahahahaha!!!!

PawPaw and his ONLY grandson......the Moore name lives on through Colt!!
We also got a production put on by the girls, I sooooo remember doing this with my cousin. Sooo funny. Brooklynn and Riley were the princesses and Addison was the witch. Here Addison is setting the scene and introducing the actresses.

Here the princesses are dancing and creating love.....or something like that.

And cue the witch........

Addison acted so well.......that she actually brought Princess Riley to tears!!! hahahahaha!!!

And Queen Mimi and to comfort the frightened princess. It was WAY past bedtime at this point in the evening!!!

And you can't have a witch, princess, and queen without.........a court jester!!!

And then we DANCED!!!!!!!
I love Riley's face here!! Now that is some serious dancing right there!!

And we danced.......
And our dancing put Colt to sleep!!!
But we continued to dance......
Mimi droppin it like it's hot!!!
And we danced some more!!
Well that's it for our Christmases!!! I hope everyone had as much fun and as many blessings as we did!!! Here's to a Happy 2011!!!