Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running and Eating!!

Great combo right!! Well I finished my second and LAST half marathon!! I beat my previous time by 10 minutes and met my goal of not that's it for me!! THAT'S IT!!! DO YOU HEAR ME FRIENDS.....DON'T ASK ME TO DO ANOTHER ONE!!!!!! Not sure if I'm dancing or what here, but it certainly doesn't look like running!!!FINISHED!!!!! Can you tell I've ran one of these before??? I'm being sure to look right at the camera at all chances!!Kate and I finished about 5 seconds apart....she beat me. Those little legs can move!!! So one week later and not an inch ran....I ate myself into a frenzy!!! THANKSGIVING!!!Our first Thanksgiving as one big all grown up family. Sniff Sniff. And we had to cook....well Mom did most of it.I made all the kids shirts....LOVE PINTEREST. Wish creeping pinterest and making the things I like could be my full time job!!! I would be President of the company!!!!The back of the shirts had tail feathers but of course none of them would pose. Of course we had a hospital trip and of course it was my kid!!! We thought he had broke his nose after taking a dive off the scooter and meeting the curb. Kids as young as Colt don't really have a nose bone yet so luckly just shifted around some cartlidge and he will be fine!! Still pretty bruised, scabbed and swollen....but he'll live to see another curb I'm sure of that!!!Then we did some photos.Nice or.......Naughty!!!!!

So thankful for all I have and looking forward to celebrating the rest of the Christmas Season with family and friends!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Come on our Baby Dilly!!!

Ok Dylann we are ready for you!!! We have taken pictures of you in your Momma's belly, your room is ready, you have lots of fabulous things to wear, and we have had cupcakes in celebrations of you........COME OUT NOW!!!!
The Nanas!!
The Hostesses with the mostesses!! Sorry Mom! hahahaha!!You'll have a few diapers for awhile.I told you we had cupcakes!!!And maybe a few more things!!

Your Greats are ready for you to make an appearance!!! Great Grandma, Great Aunts and Great Cousin!!!

So lets try to get here soon....what do you say???!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Man my blogging skills have been horrible lately!! With all the Roughneck Roses orders (I'm not complaining, love that everyone likes our stuff and feel blessed to be making some extra Christmas money) and 1/2 marathon training (again feel blessed that I'm able to run), work, house work (which my husband has really been picking up my slack in a major way) kids, church, oh and Pinterest....I'm finding NO time to do much of anything else. This weekend is Leia's baby shower (oh yea did I mention I've been making things for that as well), Alpha Gamma fundraiser and the half marathon so there goes a few less things to worry about.

Here's just a few pics of the kids to remind you what they look like!!

Riley and I at her Veteran's day program.
And Colt riding a pony at the state fair.I swear I'm going to do better....much better!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Yes I know it's been FOREVER!!! Blogging the rest of the year is going to be tricky but my goal!!! We had a great time trick or treating at home this year. Riley is really getting into and loves to run up to the house...ALL OF THEM. Colt on the other hand hit about 5 and then he needed some milk...surprise, surprise, surprise!!

This year I took another stab at making costumes. I really wanted to do Ragedy Ann and Andy but neither of them were havin that!! So while we were looking at patterns Ri picked out a poodle hard can it be??? Well pretty darn hard when you have NO IDEA what any of the sewing lingo means!!!! Wow I need a class or a teacher in a bad way!!! It turned ok...except for the waist, but hey it stayed on all night so that's all that matters!!! Colt went from wanting to be Buzz, to being Bumblebee (the Transformer) to being Woody. All were costumes that we owned so I really didn't mind the everyday change ;) Riley kept informing me that she was too pretty to take a picture with a cowboy and insisted on taking pictures by herself....where does she get this stuff??And this cowboy insisted on wearing his own boots, his own belt (over the costume) and bringing his gun.I asked Riley to pose and this is what she did???!!! Seriously where does she get this stuff??!!And Bubs had to swing from the pole just like Riley.We even caught up with a few friends while trick or treating. Notice the slight costume change by Colt.....from good hat to farmer hat!!!!They brought home TONS of candy and had even more fun serving the "customers" that came to our door!! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!