Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This past weekend we headed to Amarillo for Gregg's cousin's wedding. We had a lot of fun. The wedding was something different but very nice and romantic. Brent and K'Lynn make a beuatiful couple it was so fun to be there to celebrate with them.
Gregg, Brent (the groom) and Del
Yes the bride's dress is green. It truly fits K'Lynn's personality to a "T". She so bubbly and sweet, very lime green!!!
Riley and Brooklynn showing off their acrobatic skills.
The girls all dressed up.
I'm not sure why I didn't take more pictures. They had a fun reception after the wedding and Debbie took the girls home so that we could stay and play for a little while. Colt stayed home with TB (PawPaw) . I know kind of scary well if you think that is scary let me tell what I discovered the next morning. Colt of course woke up bright and early so I get him up and he is soaked. Thinking that is kind of strange seeing as how he hasn't peed through the diaper for some time now, but just chalking it up to maybe pawpaw didn't change the diaper before putting him down for the night. Well I pull off his pj bottoms and the diaper just falls right off......then i see what i think is 2 huge globs of vaseline on his leg (it's dark in the room) so I take a closer look........it's 2 pieces of clear tape!!!!!YES THAT IS RIGHT HE HAS TRIED TO TAPE THE DIAPER WITH SCOTCH TAPE!!! and I left my only son with him!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


One day late!! I know I'm the worst aunt ever!!! We hope you had a Happy Day Cashion Ray!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Christmas in July!!!

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As you can see from the pictures we did a lot of celebrating not just Christmas. We did a little Easter and a little Birthday. We all have our traditions right???!!!! the Easter Bunny cake is a big one in our family, each child gets a cake at Easter for the soul purpose of smashing and looking cute while doing it. Grandma had her 80th birthday this year so we threw that in too, I mean who can have a party without cake so someone had to celebrate a birthday. Why not the lady who is part of the beginning for all of us. We love you very much Grandma, you have been a blessing to each and everyone of us in sooooo many ways!!!! We wouldn't be the family that we are without YOU!!!!!


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Don't worry there will be more to come!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colt's Pictures

Riley's Pictures

Pictures!!! TOGETHER!

I finally got around to having the kids pictures taken again. I didn't use Katie this time :( I went with Shelley Cook. I really like how they turned out, really cute!! Colt was being a little booger and wouldn't be still for a second so he was tough to catch, all of Riley's turned out really good!! Take a look at a few see what you think.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday!!

I know this picture is tiny but I got it off my phone and I'm no wizard at any of that. I did find out that I have these fun frames on my phone so Riley and I had some fun. Get your magnifing glass out so you can see.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can you guess who caught the picture taking BUG???!!

Yes you guessed it Riley Bug!!! She is always grabbing my camera snapping away. She doesn't do too bad if I say so. "Momma say cheeese" Daddy make a scary face" "Bubba bubba bubba" "OOOO that's a good one" "I like that one"
Maybe one day she will be Riley Photographics!!!

I'm not sure what is going on with Cash's hair I'm sure his mother didn't give him 3 spikes??!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today one year ago my life changed for the second time.....we got Colt Greggory. He truly is one of the happiest babies, if he's crying you know it's cause he's sleepy. He will smile at anyone and show them all 8 of his shiney teeth. He is such a chatter box and in to everything, nothing like his sister. He is such a cuddler I call him "Bubber my Lover".
We had just a small party for him. I know, I know I'm a horrible mother not to have a big party for the first but please forgive me. We had cake and cousin Cash got to come over so that was party enough for Colt.
Here he is enjoying his smash cake.
mmm mmm good!!
Sissy helped with the unwrapping.
Not so happy here but in his defense he did go right to sleep after these pictures.

Here are 2 videos showing some of his new and favorite tricks.

We have to play peek a boo everynight at the dinner table.



Thursday, July 9, 2009

FINALLY......... the WATERPARK!!!

Yes that's right we were among the many that ventured out on Saturday for the grand opening of Woodward's very own WATERPARK!!!
The crowds were not bad at all and once Riley got over her fear (imagine that, I think Nana had to buy her a hotdog and coke to help get her over her fear) we had a great time. Cash loved it (of course) he left us in the dust, Colt loved it..I couldn't keep him from crawling in over his head, Riley.....well she liked it about half an hour in.
I promised Sam some pictures but I'm not sure what happened, probably too busy threating Riley and chasing Colt. I did however get a picture of the dumping bucket and you can see just alittle of the big slides in the background. Most of the pictures are in the kiddie pool which has a fountain, a squirt toy and a mini slide.
Riley, Colt, and Cash going down together.

Riley preparing to squirt someone. No the water isn't dirty....they have a yellow canopy over the kiddie pool and it makes the water look brown, I guess they weren't really thinking about that when they put of the yellow canopy oh and how stinking cold that water would be with no sun hitting it BRRRRR!
Leia and Cash enjoying the slide. I couldn't get Riley to go down but I did take Colt one time. He loved it.
Cash and his Poppy.
Colt also loved the water that came out of the ground, he kept trying to catch it.
Riley and Ben Cheap

We really enjoyed the waterpark, can't wait to go back.
And I had to throw this one in of Sue and Leia.