Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Well we didn't do much this weekend. The kids and I headed to Edmond to spend a couple of days with the Lairds. We had a great time, as usual. It was really hot and the neighborhood has a pool so we spent a few hours there everyday.Of course we had to have snacks while swimming.

The rest of the time...well we spent doing this.......They put some serious miles on the cars!!!We had a silly time together...

And poor Bub kind of had a rough weekend. Did a face plant off the scooter and scraped up the forehead and his left eye. Then later at the pool he somehow cut and bruised his right eye.

And we did a lot of just plan ole relaxin!! Thanks Leia and Spence for letting us invade. And thanks Leia for the fine cookin you did!! Oh and baby Dill Pickle (for those of you that don't know Leia is expecting!!! And Cash has named the baby Dill Pickle) is doing great too....

as far as I can tell!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dance like no one is watchin!!!

This if for the family that didn't get to make it to the recital. I'm finally able to do some video upload!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Schools out for SUMMER!!!!

Well this was the weekend before.......when you're in Pre-K do you really celebrate the last day of school??? Riley did tell me this morning that she was NOT going to Kindergarten and that she wanted to stay in Pre-K and Mrs. Hawley's class. Anyway we had our first outdoor swim of the summer last weekend.....it was soooo nice!!! I love summer and pools and lakes on the other hand I hate swimsuits!!!

Sorry all the pics are WAY TOO BRIGHT must of had my exposure turned way up!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Riley Ann!!!

My baby bug is growing so fast!! I CANNOT believe she is 5.....it just sounds crazy!! Riley decided last year she wanted a swim party but never got one cause she broke her arm so again we are aiming for a swim party. And since Colt's birthday is the 1st part of July we are going to do a double party mid June. What a fabulous idea Lacy!! ;) So for her "real birthday" as she calls it PopPop and Nana took her out for breakfast before taking her to school, after school she chose to eat at Pizza Hut?? Yes that's right Pizza Hut over Mcdonald's!! YEESSS!!! Blayre even got to come with us!! Hoorah!! That's a party all in itself!!

Riley and Blayre...ready to party!!Colt....ready to be a brat.

Oh that Dad he is just soooo funny. She is such a Daddy's girl!!!!

When we got home she blew out candles on a cupcake and we did sing Happy Birthday to her. Then she ate the icing and left the cake??!! The next day she picked out cupcakes to take to school and got to be the helper and leader all day. That's pretty important stuff!!

Well Ri another year down and you still feel my heart everyday!! You are still loving to dance and sing. You started soing flips on the monkey bars and trying to do flips on the trampoline. You love and hate your brother daily. You love to wear "pretty" clothes and refuse to wear sweatpants (this one still baffels me??) You are finishing up your first year of school and have made a lot of friends, you get birthday invites every week. You tried soccer this fall and hated it at first but grew to really like it and are ready to play next year. I asked you just last night if you wanted to go to basketball camp and you freaked out (I hope this changes soon)!! You love to do homework and your teacher Mrs. Hawley says you are a good student (I hope you keep that up). You make us laugh everyday with your funny songs and silly faces. We love you so much Riley Bug!! Happy 5th Birthday!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow what a weekend!!!

We had family, we had recitals, we had baby showers to host....I'm still in a bit of a haze.

I started the weekend off with a HEFTY visit to Walmart, everyone's favorite place (especially in Woodward!!) Then I got busy on shower and food prep for the weekend. Saturday started pretty early had to fold the mountain of laundry that Gregg so kindly washed but didn't fold, finish some food prep, get Riley fed and ready to be a dance superstar by 1:30. Once we finished the recital it was home for some swimming, mazzio pizza, diaper cake making and cheesy potato prep. Finally in bed by 1:00 am and up early to get lunch ready, my car packed with mounds of shower stuff and out the door for me by 12:30 to sit up for the shower......I'm tired rethinking it all.

Do you ever feel that you need a weekend from your weekend??!!

Here is my Tiny Dancer pre game face......And game time ready!!!And on our way to the theatre.....Her adoring fans...Her BFF from way back....All her good luck flowers....And of course Nana just doesn't think it's fair if Bub doesn't get something too...and of course some trampoline jumping in the tutu!!And swimming with the cousins.....

On Sunday I helped host my good friend Katie's 1st baby shower. Carmen Jo is due August 3rd and I just can't wait to meet the little lady.Everything turned out so cute. Katie's sister in law did a great job planning and getting super cute decor. I even got to make a new friend in Ashley. I'm very excited that her and Riley have moved to Woodward. I see lots of fun times with her!!

My family didn't get to come to the recital because Lori graduated from college!!!! Yeah for Lori she even did it with honors!! Super proud of her!! There will be a lot more recitals but only one college graduation!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More than just flowers!!

I know they just look like flowers but to me they are soooo much more. All of these flowers are transplants, don't worry I wasn't placed on a donor list and my yard didn't depend on these flowers but I was worried about them rejecting their new host for awhile. But not anymore!!! They are LIVING and now my yard does depend on them each year. What makes these flowers more special than the ones that I spend WAY too much money on every year??? They come from the heart, they come Gigi's and my Great Grandma Pearl's (via Aunt Debbie's) yards. The beautiful Peony, my most favorite flower of all times!! They are so light and airy looking yet so heavy and sturdy. And these came from Gigi's house a couple of years ago. For about 2 years they didn't have a bloom and I worried. Did I plant them in the wrong place? Am I watering too much, not enough? What is the problem?? Last year they (I have 2 plants) had about one flower a piece. This year they have blooms all over!!! They are so pretty and smell sooo good! I just love them and think of Gigi everytime I see them!!
The Violet. This is picture was taken early in the spring but they have such a pretty little purple flower on them while they are blooming and boy do they spread!! They have filled the spot where I planted them and now they are in the grass. Which usually I hate (especially my trumpet vine, ughhhhh) but not with violets, I love them, let them grow everywhere I say!! They are like a good time flower. These were given to me from my Aunt Debbie and they remind me a lot of her. The way they spread is like her love. It seems like my Aunt Debbie's love is never ending. She's like a 2nd Mom to me, I know that I can go to her with anything. She's sturdy and beautiful and ready for a good time just like these violets.

Pholox. Another transplant from Gigi's. I need something to cover some empty space under a tree and boy did these do the job. Whenever I see these I think of Gigi's house and how they covered her sidewalk around the side of her house. I remember pulling easter eggs out of them every year and watching her pull at them to get them off her sidewalk.

And the Iris. This is my favorite picture that I've taken with my camera so far. Again the iris comes from Gigi's. And of the flowers I got from her house this one reminds me most of her. The iris is strong, it's stands in the heat and withstands the winds. It's a beautiful deep purple and every year I have more. Just like my Grandma strong, beautiful (and purple is her favorite color), and every year she has more love to give. My Grandma doesn't have a lot of material things to give but when it comes to love it's never ending!! She never forgets a birthday and that goes for kids, grandkids, great grandkids, son inlaws, grandson inlaws, and granddaughter inlaws. She gives and gives whether it be her famous Captain Crunch cookies, chicken strips, laughs, her bed, flowers, hugs or love we can always count on Gigi!!

I haven't been to Aunt Rita's house in quite sometime :( but I know if she gave me a flower it would represent just as much love and happiness as these do. And my own my mother....really what can I say. She's given me anything good I have in me (and maybe a little bossiness, hehehe). She gives me unconditional love, support, strength, the truth, and a wonderful Nana for my kids.

So do you think I come from an awesome family???


We laugh, we love, we cry, we eat, we even pee our pants together.


UPDATE: Just a few minutes after I posted this I found out that the peonies from Gigi's were actually transplanted from Aunt Rita's!!!! So now I do have a piece of each of them right in my backyard!!!