Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tent City!!

Well with Gregg gone to the Lake for Spring Break we decided we would do some camping of our own!!! So we pitched a tent!!
The kids loved it and so did I!!! It kept them entertained for the entire weekend, I actually hardly saw them. They wouldn't come out of the tent!! They played, watched movies, slept, and even ate dinner in the tent.

The tent wasn't the only fun we had this weekend......Cashion Ray got to come over and oh how excited we were!!

BFFs for life!!

Most of you probably already know that I got my results back on the MRI. It's not looking so good for these old knees. Tore my ACL (not completely, but pretty close to) and tore both my medial and lateral meniscus. On the 25th I will have my appointment with the orthopedic in Enid to see what we need to do next. It's been feeling pretty good, still have moments of feeling like it's going to slip out from under me and it still won't extend all the way straight or bend all the way up. I have been doing a little bit of running but I think I'm finished with basketball for the season. Jumping and sliding are not the easiest things in the world right now. My biggest prayer right now is that I will be able to run in the OKC marathon relay with my team, they might have to push me!! Anyway hope everyone is having a great spring break.....I'm not but hope you are!!! hahahaa!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What we've been up to!!??

Well we've been up to a lot of stuff!! The weather is finally getting nice so we are trying to spend as much time as possible outside and at the park!! The kids love it and it's not far at all so the walk is nice too.

Colt has been into everything.....literally!!!

Nana had her birthday and came to visit us for a couple of days. So we decided maybe we should make her a cake. We had fun and the cake tasted great but the look was not pretty!!!

Yes that's really the cake!! Riley wanted to cook it in the bunt pan well I didn't realize till we already had it baking that I forgot to spray the pan! NICE!!!

Kid's Inc. women's league started for another year. It's so fun and I just love my team, super competitive but still a lot of fun!!!
Here we are warming up, we're too old to warm up (I thought). Mandy says she stretching here, I say she's itching. HAHAHAHA!!!! This is Mandy Cheap, Selena Marlatt, Britt Mendel, Ashley Stout, and Tatum Marlatt (actually warming up, her son told her not to embarrass him).
Tatum, Brit, and that's Andrea Sutton Clem on the ground. She swears that Tatum is holding her down.

I made it 1 1/2 games and did something to my knee. 22 years of playing basketball and have never done anything to my knees. I can't exactly remember what I was doing all I can remember is feeling my knee slide right to left and feeling and hearing some crunching. It has swelled just a little nothing too bad, no bruising, and just pretty achey. Dont' have a lot of movement in it. I've been wearing a brace and that seems to help. I was even able to run a little (2 miles at a super slow pace) I only almost fell twice ;) I head to Enid on Friday for the MRI and hopefully will know more that afternoon or Monday. The Dr. I did see here says he thinks ligament but won't know anything till the MRI.


Wow do I need a tan or what???!!!! At this time I do still plan on running all my races in April, might just have to shorten them up.
Anyway that's what we've been up to.