Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day #1 Part 2 The Top!!

Ok so still on day 1....After the waterfall we headed up the mountain to play in the snow and hit up the gift shop....of course!!

On the way up we made funny faces......what else would we do??

Oh yea that's right the altitude started sitting in and I started getting sick!!! Blah!! Me and altitude take a day or so to be friends. Once the headaches, nausea and nose bleeds subside I'm good to go!!! Hey at least I didn't' pass out this time!!!

Anyway back to good times!!

The boys were having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!! Notice the scratch next to Colt's eye. Of the 4 kids that were there for a week guess which 2 got hurt??? Yes that's right Colt had multiple new scratches and bruises and Riley has one really big gash on her leg that probably needed stitches, but instead we'll just let it scar....I mean everyone needs a good scar! These bruises, cuts, scraps, broken bones, mystery infections have nothing to do with the supervision you are giving my's JUST HAPPENS!!!

Anyway back to GOOD TIMES!!After getting to the top and doing some shopping at the gift shop we headed back down to find the perfect snow. On our way down we saw this herd of Elk from the road so once we stopped we started hiking to see if we could get a closer look. When I say the scenery was beautiful that is a complete understatement and these pictures don't do it justice AT ALL!!! It was absolutely breath taking. The kids and I had to stop and say a little prayer and thank God for the beauty he had created for us to enjoy. Not sure if you can see the elk in this pic, they look pretty small. I bet there were close to 50 elk just grazing, laying down, and walking around. Absolutely one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen!!I set the camera on a rock and made a run for it. Turned out pretty good, could use some cropping so you can actually see us. Wish Leia, Spence and baby Dilly were there to make it complete!!The hike back UP the mountain was not near as enjoyable as the hike DOWN the mountain. Sorry about the pictures..I couldn't get my vertical pictures to rotate for some reason?? At our next stop we checked out these 2 beautiful lakes that were buried in the mountain. I'm not sure how you got to them, but again BREATH TAKING!!! I would give anything to get down to them. Oh and yes it was chilly, like 53 degrees on top of the mountain. But it felt GREAT!!! Standing from this overlook you could hear the running waters and winds coming off the mountain. I could of stayed there all day!!! The kids on the other hand didn't even get out of the car!!
Well there's day one....FINALLY complete.

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