Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It was a good weekend.

Last weekend the carnival was in town...The Pride of Texas!! Yes the Pride of Texas was in Oklahoma?? I said we weren't going to go, for 2 bracelets it costs $50!!! We can go to Frontier City for that!! It's just craziness! But Saturday evening Gregg and Riley went to play golf and Colt and I were hanging at home when I get the call from Riley asking if we could go to the "carninal" aka carnival. My response of course was "Is your Dad paying for it???" It was already 9:00 so instead of getting bracelets (since they close down at 10) we went for 30 tickets for 30$, good right??? WRONG!!! Each ride was 3 tickets A PIECE!!!! Are these people nuts!!! The carnies are banking!!!!! So 5 rides later and 20 minutes later we were done!!! WTH!!!???? I'm still in shock!!! The kids enjoyed that 20 minutes, I guess. Colt kept asking "Give me nother ticket Momma"

That afternoon was cloudy and cool so I decided to take the kids out to the field station for some pictures. I got some pretty good ones I think. These 1st few I haven't had a chance to edit. I would just like to add if anyone every wants to buy me a gift....I'll take Photoshop or a 50 mm 1.4 lens or 20mm wide angle lens.....just sayin!! :) This is Colt's "Superhero" stance.

And yes it seems I should just give up on the basketball dreams cause she's probably going to be a cheerleader or on the dance team!!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!!

A favorite of Colt'sAnd a favorite of Riley's I really need to figure out how to get rid of the grass in her face.... My favorite of Riley. My favorite of Colt probably. Except I'm just noticing the phone pole in the background.Love this one! And these are just funny!! Check out Colt in both of these!!! It was a GOOD weekend!!


Katie said...

Cute pics. So you should look at 50 mm 1.8. It's very reasonable priced. A 1.4 would be nice but you are not likely to shoot completely wide open (at 1.4) It's hard to do. So you should just look into 1.8. It's an inexpensive lens and it's great. Also, teacher's can get Photoshop at a discount price so have a teacher buddy hook you up. Just my two cents.

Hilary said...

I agree. Carnivals are sooo expensive. Looks like they had fun though. 30 dollars worth of fun, I'm sure! Cute pictures.

Livin' On Hallie Time said...

Hahahaha! "The carnies are banking!" Bahahaha!

The Kinoti's said...

I had to laugh at the basketball thing! I think I'm going to have the same "problem". London is so bubbly and friendly so far, I joke that she's probably going to be a a cheerleader or worse in a sorority-ugh! LOL I guess I'll still love her-just opposite of mom:)