Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are CARNEYS!!!

Yes we are that family that hits the carnival EVERYTIME it's in town!!! I have to start saving months in advance so that we are able to go....the price of the carnival is RIDICULOUS!!!! Anyway we always have a great time. Riley loves to ride and Colt loves to eat!!
Riley started off the carnival in her typical freak out mode!!! But that quickly changed a few rides in.
Colt watching trying to decide if he wants in on the Carnival fun.
The mood changing......
He's decided....yea think I want in!!
Gregg enjoying is family time....and Colt pouting cause he's not big enough for this ride ;(
Big enough for this one!!!
Found a friend and all is well in Riley Land!!
He's big enough for the airplane that goes high and not big enough for the train in the above picture.....you figure that one out???!!!
Riley thought it was soooo funny that the "carney" was giving out high fives!!! She didn't miss a single high five!!
After a little persuasion from her friend, Ri got on the hot air balloon ferris wheel!! And she loved it!!
Have I mentioned how much Colt is like my Dad??!! His favorite part of the carnival was........THE CORN DOGS!!!!!
Her pretty much finished that whole thing.....and A FUNNEL CAKE!!!
We ended the night with another trip on the carousel!!
A much happier Riley!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Riley's Birthday SONG AND DANCE

Riley is FOUR!!

So I'm only a week behind on posting Riley's birthday pictures!! Actually she hasn't had her party yet cause she is determined to have a party at the swim park and of course it doesn't open till Memorial weekend and we've decided not to fight those crowds and have it the week after. So her May 18th birthday will be celebrated on June 4th!!! As a family we still did a little celebrating, I had a dr. appt so we all took the day off from school and work and headed to Enid for a day of eatting and shopping!!!

Birthday money from Grandmommy Moore!!

Her present from us. She's actually getting a new swingset (her and Colt both for their bdays) but we haven't picked that one out yet. Hopefully by her party we will have that!!

For some reason Riley wanted to take pictures on these benches??

It was her day so whatever??!!

Enjoying the rides at the mall.

I'm telling you this boy couldn't be more like his Pop Pop!! Could spend all day in the food court and out before we even got out of the parking lot!!!

More Bday money when she got home!! Thanks Gigi!!

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my youngest sis Lori!!! She's getting older and older, soon she'll be as old as me!!! ;)
We love you!! Hope you had a great day!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Whatever happens just keep DANCING!!!

Yes I'm FINALLY getting around to posting Riley's dance recital!! I can't say enough times how proud I am of her!!! She's growing so much and things that I thought she would never do (perform infront of people) she's doing with ease!!! My shy little catepillar is turning into a beautiful butterfly!!! She had a really big crowd for her very first dance recital, and she was VERY excited about that!!

Here she is all dressed and ready to dance!! Did I mention she turns 4 TOMORROW!!!!

Riley and all her ADORING fans!~!!

Let the dance begin!!! Would you just look at that form!!!
Not to brag but she's pretty good. ;)
Now for tap....
And the Finale!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well last week we got enrolled for Pre-K!!! Can you believe it?? I really can't, this year well this month has been a lot of big girl firsts for Riley!! Enrolling for school and first dance recital all in the same week!!!
Here is her very first school supply list. Not near as long as I thought it would be, but really what do you need for Pre-K??!! She was very excited to go enroll she even ran into a couple of kids she knew, which made it that much better!!
Here she is outside Westwood which is where we enrolled but is not where she will be attending. Woodward is building a new center as we speak and we hope it gets finished by the start of school. She will be part of the very first Pre-Ks to attend our new center....not sure what they are calling it. She is also very excited that Gregg will be the PE teacher there and will get to spend the next 3 years keeping a close eye on her!!! ;)
Stay tuned for her next big girl post!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catch up!!

So I haven't been the best blogger lately and I've had a lot to blog about just no time to do it. So I 'm going to pick just a few pictures of all the things that have been going on. First on the list was our Roman Nose camping trip.
Riley and I drove down on Friday to meet up with Mom and Dad in their new FANCY camper. When I say fancy I mean fancy, the dang thing has a fireplace for crying out loud!!! We are waiting for the next camping trip!! Colt and Gregg came up on Saturday and spent the day golfing and fishing, well they tried to spend the day doing those things but the weather was not cooperating. We all had a good time anyway.
Next on my list was the OKC Memorial Marathon. The same weekend I drove up to meet my team for the relay marathon. We had so much fun spending time together!! I love everyone of them soooo much!! I wish we all lived closer together. We've been the best of friends FOREVER and even after a long time apart when we get back together it's just like high school all over again!! Nothing has changed!! I LOVE IT!!
Since I was injured Jess took my place. She did an awesome job, even with the short notice. She really turned up her workout regime to prepare!! HA!! The 4 days must have really been hell!!!
Our team at the Memorial. It was such a great feeling just being there. I can't wait to run next year!!
Mark even came all the way from Minnesota to run the half marathon!! He did an awesome job too!!! And it was so great to spend time with him!! He is my sunshine!!
The following weekend we were lucky enough to get to go to a Thunder playoff game!!
Mom, Leia, Cash and I sat in the nosebleed section with the other die hard fans!!!! Dad, Gregg and Gigi sat in a SUITE!!!! They may have ate more but I bet we had more fun!!! I can't wait for next season I hope we can make a few more games. They are sooo much fun!! Here is Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, 2 of the NBAs bests!!!
It's finally getting so nice outside and staying that way that I took the kids out to Fort Supply Lake for the day, well we were suppose to be there for the day but only made it a few hours cause they wouldn't stay out of the water!!! We had fun while we were there!!!

Well that was fast recap of our doings the last few weeks. My knee is feeling pretty good for the most part. I head back to the dr. next week and am hoping to hear that I can start jogging!!! Which is what he told me last time I saw him, I can't wait!!! This weekend we have another busy busy schedule. Riley gets enrolled in school tonight :( , Mom and Dad are coming in with the camper and going to camp at Boiling Springs, Friday is Riley's dress rehearsal for her dance recital, the rest of the fam is coming in, along with Gregg's side and on Saturday is the big dance recital (crossing my fingers she will perform!!) Sunday is mother's day and we are having a bbq for the mom's of our family. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Remember to squeeze your MOM if you can!!!