Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We decided to get Ri's little pool out tonight and she had a pretty good time except that it was dirty and cold!! Excuse my loud mouth but I didn't know it was recording my voice :) I didn't know my camera could do that, learn new things everyday. Anyway enjoy this swimming from Riley. Oh and excuse the nudness (sp?)

Monday, April 28, 2008


This weekend we drove to OKC and met everyone for a Redhawks game and then went on to Duncan to celebrate Dad's 53rd Birthday!!! It was a fun weekend and it was great for all the kids to be together, even though they don't play too well together yet. As you will see from many of the pics Cash attacking Riley or Riley telling him what he can and can't do.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures. Nana or Grammy which ever trying to take a nice picture with Cash and Riley!! Cash going for Ri and Ri going for Nana.
After the ball game we headed to Duncan and spent Saturday outside. It was soooo beautiful we just couldn't go inside.
Of course we put Dad right to work. What a great Birthday he had sweating it out outside.....it keeps him young I guess.
Cash and Ri enjoying the nice weather. And Nater probably not enjoying his cousin Riley!!
Uncle Scott and Ri taking a gallop around the house on the stick horses. Riley had a blast racing everyone that would ride.
Pop Pop enjoying cookies with the grandkids.
Riley and Cash pooped after the weekend.
It really was a fun weekend. We love to visit PopPop and Nana T. I hope Dad had a Happy Birthday!!! We love him very much!!!


Well here is my bug playing in the closet. I'm not sure what is more amazing about these pictures, the fact that she is playing asleep or that she is able to play in the floor of my closet!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is pretty cute. Of course we have taught Riley the high five and we've attempted to show her how to give knuckles. This is as close as she can get. It's pretty stickin cute if I do say so myself.

Everytime the little chicken peck.

Like Father like Daughter.

Riley and Gregg love to make funny faces at one another. Here are a few that I caught the other night.

Gregg's faces may be better now but I think with a little time Riley will catch him!!!
Introducing Mimi and Paw Paw to the Blog world!!!

This weekend we had a nice SHORT visit from Mimi and Paw Paw and as I started to blog some of the pics it came to my attention that I don't have any pics of Riley's GIRL cousins!!! So not only am I going to add pictures from this weekend and introduce you all to Mimi and Paw Paw but I'm also going to add some pictures of Addison and Brooklyn.

The "Girls" having a little dance time.

Addison and Riley. Riley loves Addison she follows her around and does everything she does, it's pretty cute.
Brooklyn and Riley
I know I know they look a lot alike!!!
They are not the best of friends right now they like to take one anothers toys but someday I'm sure they will be!!!

After a long day at the park.

Riley and her Mimi eatting Oreos.

Mimi doing her best to spoil Riley!!!

One of Riley's favorite things to do is to be pushed around in her car her other favorite thing is getting in and out of the car and telling everyone "Bye!!" In and out In and out!!

Tea party time!!!!

Another one of Riley's favorite things....filling the water can up and watering all the flowers....she also likes to water the weeds that her Dad tries so hard to get rid of. She would fill that pot up 100 times a day if you would let her and of course Mimi spoiled her again and she watered every flower and every weed in the yard!!


Riley showing her Paw Paw how to talk on the phone.

This one doesn't have much to do with Mimi and Paw Paw but it was too cute to leave out. Here is Ri practicing up for her new baby brother, Colt.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smile for the camera Riley!!

Well we are working on the smiling, we've been practicing in the mirror. It's coming along except for all she wants to do is say cheese. Here are a few funny pics I took this weekend and this week. Oh and just to let Nana and her aunties know she has been binkie free for 4 days now!!!!

We're getting there with the smile.
Some bath time fun!!! Her favorite thing to do in the tub, ears under water and sing to herself.
I don't know where she gets that from!!!???
Showing off her milk mustache. She loves to drink from a big girl cup. As long as I can keep her from putting stuff in the cup she does a pretty good job of not spilling.
I even got a smile here, sort of.
These pics were taken this weekend while we were in Enid with Aunt Kimmie (Kim Kramer). She has asked Riley to be her flower girl in her wedding!!! We are very excited and I just pray Ri does a good job. Anyway we were suppose to be trying on dresses and this is what we got....Riley standing on the platform then jumping off and rolling in the floor. She's such a lady, I hope this isn't what we have to look forward to on the wedding day!!
As you can see my camera is not really made for action shots.
Hey batter, batter!!! This was before she started taking people out with her mean swing!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Different Hats of Riley

This morning Riley was too funny. We were just getting ready to leave and we were in her room picking out a bow (which is quite a task if you've ever seen her collection thanks to Aunt Leia) anyway she has some hats hanging on the wall and she decided she wanted to wear a hat today. "Want momma want." So I lifted her up and here are the 2 hats she picked. I really thought she would just get them down and that would be the end of it, but I was sadly mistaken she really wanted to wear them. She is becoming quite the little girl, not a baby anymore. They are not the best pictures but we were in the car and in a hurry.
The red zoo hat which is too small and won't even fit on her head.
And a straw cowboy hat, I really think I'm raising a farm girl at heart!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!!!

Well we really had a busy weekend and of course it just flew by. We started out by going to the Farm Expo here in Woodward, not a lot of good sale booths this year but Riley did get to a few things and I really enjoy just getting out oh and the big corn dogs. After we left the Expo we decided to go over to the park and we met the oddiest little black duck ever!!! By the looks of him I couldn't decide if he was young or if there was something wrong with it. Well we got a little too close because it started to follow us and I don't mean follow us cutely, I mean like pecking at our toes follow us. It of course scared Riley and me a little bit. Finally Gregg broke up some cookie and it left us alone, bless it's little heart. So we continued on around the lake.

This is her second time to ride the ponies this year so she really thought she knew what she was doing. She got right on like an old pro.
She really was smiling right up to the point when I got the camera out.....imagine that.

Now the moon walk was a different story. We paid 3$ for 5 minutes and this is what she did for oh 4 minutes 30 seconds. When she finally decided to jump I was already having to climb in and get her out.

Here we are with the baby goats, which she loved.

I think I'm raising a farm girl. No Dad and Mom she doesn't need a pony or any goats!!!

Our friend the black duck. Oh how cute.....we thought.

And then he turned on us!!! The devil duck!
Finally we escaped the clutches of the duck!!
On Saturday we decided to ride the "Boomer Bus" over to Clinton with Gregg to watch him coach the baseball team, oh and to eat at Del Rancho of course!!! This was Riley's first ride on a Boomer Bus and she really enjoyed it and it was good to get to spend a little extra time with her Dad. The Boomers lost 4-5, but it was a good game. They are looking a lot better.

She thought it was pretty cool. Yes she did ride in her car seat.

Taking us for a little spin.

Put me in Coach!!!
Finally on Sunday it was such a beautiful day that we decided to air Riley's moon walk up that she got for Christmas from her Aunt Lo and Uncle Scott. Yes she is a spoiled!!!! We hoped that this practice would get her ready for the next carnival. I haven't decided if she really likes it or if she just likes to lay on it, she's kind of lazy like her mom.

Hi Mom! Now what am I suppose to do on this thing?

So graceful
Now she's getting it!!!

And she's done. Ready for a nap.

After her nap the moon walk had deflated and she kept falling off. Dad had gone golfing so we couldn't air it back up. I don't know if we put a hole in it as some point or if it came with a hole. I guess I'm going to have to go on a hole searching party.

We finished up the day by chalking up the driveway and house and then we took a nice walk around the neighbor. When Gregg was finished golfing he grilled us up some chicken and by 7:00 we were pooped.
Of course now it's Monday and freezing outside!!!! Oklahoma weather is soooo confusing. I sent Riley to the babysitters in shorts.....I'm the mother of the year what can I say.