Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Apparently it was a labor just to get my Labor Day pics online!! Geez come on now!!

Anywho....we had a great long weekend. Friday night Riley performed at the football game in her very first cheerleading routine. Uggghhhhh I can't believe I just wrote that!!! I've said it before and I say it again, God is punishing me!!! I asked Riley this summer to go to basketball camp and just the words made her cry. What am I going to do if she wants to be a cheerleader FOREVER???!! I'm sorry Annie, Katie, Kristin, Kandace, Leslie, Hilary, and all former cheerleaders that may read my blog I love you all dearly and I think you all are awesome athletes. I've seen the things ya'll can do....flips and jumps that I could never in a 100 years do. But....ya'll know I need that physical sport contact!!! I need someone to yell at ;) Ok off my soapbox for today....My pictures are out of order so you can see the cheerleading pictures at the bottom, or maybe I did that on purpose without really knowing it. :0)

The rest of the weekend was spent in Pampa having some good times. Carriage rides, face painting, yard work, camping in the backyard, and good ole family time.

Love this picture!! Sorry Colt no beads at this party!!

Addison and Colt are pretty good buds. She spoils him and he loves on her. It's a perfect combo!!

This was a train ride through the park and let me tell you they were movin!! I told the kids to get the back 2 carts that they would be the ones movin the fastest.

Camping in the backyard with PawPaw. Addison and Colt were the only 2 to make it all night until it started raining on them and they had to go in around 4am.

Then came the yard work. And a nature walk with Mimi.And now the cheerleading pics.I will say that she was very sad that this summer she didn't' get to play t-ball and we have started soccer back up this fall. She's really enjoying it so far so I'll keep my fingers crossed that basketball will come soon!!!We even got to play with Cash at the football game!!! We were VERY EXCITED and so was he I think!!!

Just a little warning....don't be expecting too many posts in the up coming weeks. Every free moment I have will be spent crafting!!! Fall A Days is October 21st-23rd and we have a lot of work today to fill TWO BOOTH spots!!! Thank goodness we've already had a few people want to add somethings to our booth spot!!! So come check us out!!!

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Katie said...

Do I have to remind you that some of us did both. That's what is great about Woodward. She could do both if she wanted.

I do understand what you mean though. When Ella is playing soccer it kills me sometimes because I feel like she isn't aggressive enough. Hopefully she'll gain in that area over the years.;)