Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well it's that time again.....

The time of year where it couldn't be any hotter (well that's been all summer long really) and my kids want to be cowboys and sit outside every night and watch the rodeo....or radio as Riley likes to call it. We talk horses and we talk boots, we talk about how Uncle Scott use to be in rodeos and why he's not in this one. Every year the rodeo is kicked off with the Chain Ranch and a cattle drive, very exciting stuff even for one of the nation's friendliest towns. Yes that's right Woodward, OK is in the top running for America's friendliest town check us out http:ontheroad.bestoftheroad.com and search Woodward. Impressive stuff for our little town!! Anyway back to the rodeo......I took an early lunch so I could bear the heat with the kids and they could be cowboys...or at least watch cowboys for a short time.

Waiting in the heat...... Here they come Riley!!! I wish I had gotten a better picture of Colt's face, he was sooo excited!!I just love the look of our little main street here.Not lovin the look here....wow thos shops in the back look bad!!!

Hahaha!! "I wish I were a cowboy....I wish I'd learned to rope and ride..." Can't you just hear it it in the background.And what would longhorns be without friends???!!!

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