Monday, July 11, 2011

Look who we saw!!!

Now I'm not certain that this is Sally...but how many ducks have a cowlick???!!! Riley thought it was her anyway and that made her very happy :)We had a little park time this weekend...yes even in this heat. I mean seriously could it get any hotter?? This is just ridiculous!! Please someone remind me of this insane heat when I'm complaining about the cold.....I'll quickly shut my mouth!!!

We decided to take advantage of the new paddle boat dock out at Crystal Beach. The kids loved it and really it was a pretty good workout for 30 minutes. I'm thinking I should run from my house (1 mile) paddle boat for 30 minutes then run back home....sounds like a great workout to me??!!

Their 4 man boats were all broken so Gregg let us ride and he would take pictures....what a gentleman!!

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