Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talking Thursday

So today there's no pictures....weird right??? I'll have tons of pictures by the end of the week don't worry. Today I'm just feeling like sharing some random thoughts. Everyday I read my favorite blog EVER, The Pioneer Woman, whom by the way, will be starring in her very own Food Network cooking show this fall. I'm VERY excited, she's from Oklahoma, she uses normal ingredients, I just love her and she gives away the best stuff. Well I think it's the best I've never actually won...anyway.. Today the question to answer to register for her give away is

"If you could have dinner with one person throughout the history of time, whom would it be."

A lot of people answered this very intellectually wanting to share dinner with presidents and authors, with great humanitarians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, people that I probably should know but don't. I answer this very easily and child like....My Grandpa Wayne. My Grandpa past away the August (I believe) before I got married. He was one of the first people that I wanted to call and tell that I was FINALLY getting married, he was pretty sick by the time Gregg finally asked and I wanted to be sure to tell him so that he would understand. I know that my Grandpa is watching down on me but I just wish that my kids could of met him, and I know that someday they will. I watch my kids everyday and think oh how my Grandpa would of loved that. Grandpa use to call me "Hollywood" I'm not really sure why but I'm certain that he would call Riley his little Hollywood too. The way she dances and sings and puts on shows he would of adored her (the way he adored all his grandkids and great grandkids) And Colt well I watch him make these funny faces and tease his sister and it just reminds me sooo much of Grandpa. I miss him very much and every time I look down and see a penny on the ground I know it's him watching over us.

Ok so enough of the sadness. My next random thing is and I posted this on Facebook early but as I'm sitting here, STILL STARVING, I asked the question again. Why is it that when I eat an apple I feel more hungery than before I ate the apple???!! I'm trying to be healthier but you're not helping me out here fruit!!!

We went to the rodeo last night....had an awesome time and can you believe I didn't bring my camera??!!! UGGGHHH That makes me soooo mad. Anyway we'll be back and I've already got my camera in my purse!!! Oh and the rodeo clown was pretty darn funny!! "This is as confusing as a Walmart checker saying over the loud speaker, Jose to the front please." Hahahahaaa!! I couldn't believe it and I laughed out loud!!

I'm soooo over this heat...can I get an AMEN??!!! I went for a run this morning at 6 am and at 8 I was still sweating!!! I had to blow dry my hair twice this morning. That is just wrong!!!

Ok so I guess I'm done for now. Oh wait I also wanted to tell ya'll about this awesome website that The Pioneer Woman spotlighted today.... They have some REALLY cute jewelry and I mean REALLY cute stuff!!! Check them out and they are pretty reasonable on their prices. Ok enough Pioneer Woman advertising for today. Pictures to come!!! Cash's birthday party is this weekend and we'll ALL be there so you know I'll have tons and I'm trying to talk Leia into letting me take prego that don't happen but i can try!!! Later Taters....

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