Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Kids!!

So I think I got a few good pics of the kids. Can't wait to print these off and see how they look!! I bought a really cheap photoshop type online program called Picnik, you can use it for free but for a really cheap price you can get all the benefits. I think I caught the boys' personalities to a T!!!

I didn't get a good one of Riley with her cowboy hat on but I'm hoping to take my kids out this week and get some of them so maybe I can talk Riley into a cowboy hat pic.

Love this one. I was able to put a texture to it, I think it makes it look pretty neat.

And in this one can you tell I erased a deer feeder???

This weekend is the weekend I got over to Alva for an all day photography workshop!! I'm getting more and more excited!!


Hilary said...

Great pictures and SUPER cute kids!

Leslie said...

I'm so jealous that you're getting to go to a photography clinic. I've been trying to get into a journalism course at the college for a year now with no luck =o(