Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of.....A LOT OF PICTURES!!

Yes it's true I take a A LOT of pictures and though it may annoy you now, one day you will be glad!!!

This 4th of July like every 4th of July since I've been with/married to Gregg we headed to cabin. What was different this time you might ask.......we brought our kids!! Normally we make this an adult only weekend and try to act like we are 23 again, well times they are a changin!!! That change didn't take away from our fun, it just helped us make some new memories.....that include our children and not speedoes ;)

As soon as we got to the cabin swimming was a must!!!

My parents gave us this when they moved....."THE MEGASTATION" Cabin lake+The Megastation = tons of fun!!! Here we are all waiting for the launch..... Oh if we only had this 7 years ago the fun we could of had......the Megastation comes with built in coolers.....if you catch my drift!!!

Here is Del showing the kids how to jump off the dock!! The old man's still got it!!

The next day we loaded everyone up and headed to the Travertines, a bit crowded for my liking when it comes to lake swimming that is. Thankfully Colt was ready for a nap and a snack (of course) by the time we got there so Steph and I "had" to take him back ;)

JuMping from "Little Niagara"

Addison and Brooklynn are fearless, unlike my FEARFUL children!!!

And on Sunday it was firework time!! Del taking 1 of 3 loads down to the dock.

And of course the 4th of July wouldn't be complete without homemade ice cream!!!

This is where Riley stayed during the fireworks.....yes she is still afraid of them!!!

Colt was ready!!

Let the show begin!!!

Stephanie is ready for the show.

And finally you can't go to the cabin without some fishing.

Del and his mounter!!! Colt and Riley both caught a few......but......

Brooklynn was the bigger winner she was reeling them in left and right!!!

And on our way home we stopped in Bricktown for Transformers!!! YYYYEEESSSSS!!! I LOVED IT!!! and some splash pad and food of course.

Colt's new trick.....I told him not to get too wet!!

The girls looked like little fairies jumping and dancing through the water. They all love it!!

And then the fairies are transformed into this!!!!

I'm telling you that Colt could probably win a contest for "Who can make the most funny faces." This kid has 100 of them!!!We went Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner.....the last time I was there I shook Chuck Norris's hand...this time we got balloon animals!!! And the food was just as good as I remember it!!A guitar for this guy.A hat for Addro And bunnies for the twins!!!

ONce again we had another amazing weekend this summer, but to be quite honest......I CAN'T WAIT FOR A WEEKEND OF NOTHING!!!!! And in just 3 weeks we will be headed up to Colorado for our first visit to Mom and Dad's new house!!! Can't wait!!

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Whitney said...

Your parents moved to CO? Or is this just a 2nd home? And when are we going to fit in OUR weekend? :)