Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Shoot!!

Last night I FINALLY got Riley talked into a mini photo shoot and of course since I was asking Riley to pose then Colt wanted right in the mix. Anyway these pictures are really for my Mom. The red dress that Riley has on was given to my Mom by her Grandmother when she was little,

**Nope I was wrong it was given to her by her Great Grandpa Sterba, who called her his "Little Papoose" Pretty sure that makes the story better!! Thanks Aunt Debbie and Gigi!**

Mom's been wanting pictures but Riley was never willing....imagine that!!

Anyway here ya go Mom!! I especially like this one. The bench that she is standing on is from my Great Grandma Sterba's house, which is who got the dress for my Mom. Really neat I think... Next weekend I've signed up for a FREE photography workshop in Alva!! I'm pretty pumped!! I hope to learn lots!!!


Leslie said...

I love the dress & the story behind it is even more precious.

Livin' On Hallie Time said...

LOVE THE PICS! Great work! Wish I could be in the class with you...I expect a tutuorial when you get done!