Monday, December 8, 2008

Three in one day!!
Yes that's right we were in 3 parades in 1 day!! What's even more amazing is that Riley loved it!! She smiled, she waved, she threw candy, she loved it!!! Dad's company (well Dad mostly, I think) built a float to go in the Duncan, Commanche, Marlow and some other small towns around Duncan parades. The theme for Duncan's parade was Candyland and Dad's float turned out really cute.
Parade #1
Riley, Colt, Grammy and I were the only ones to get up for this one. Riley was on the float, Grammy threw candy, and Colt and I waved from the Hummer.
Parade #2
Everyone was up for Duncan's parade. And let me tell you I've never seen so many people at a parade. It was really a big thing!!
Love this picture!!
What good little helpers we are.
Parade #3
No one was feeling very photogenic by this time.
We had a really fun time!! Thanks Dad for inviting us. Can't wait till next year!!


Leslie said...

Great photos! I love that float, very cute. I have an aunt that lives in Duncan, only been there two or three times though. Merry Christmas, Lacy!

Sam said...

that looks awesome!!! let's phone chat soon...

The Garvie Family said...

That is a great looking float!! Your dad did a super job!

Mrs. Heidi Tucker said...

The float is super cute!!!! He did a great job!

Mandy said...

It doesn't surprise me at all the T-roy built a float, especially since the grandkids were going to get to enjoy it! It really does look pretty good.

Becky said...

Looks like Troy is up to it again - if you want something done - go to him - and he always does such a fantastic job!