Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally....Christmas - Part 3

Our last chapter of Christmas is a trip to Duncan, where my Mom just goes above and beyond. So much food, so many gifts, and a lot of love and good times.
The McDaniels and Lairds had already been there for a day so by the time we got there everyone was ready for the gifts. So into them we dove. Leia and I played Santa so I didn't get very many pictures.
This is one of the things that Riley asked Santa for....a new bike. It is so cute, it looks like a small moped (we will have to keep Aunt Lori off of it...hahahaha!!! Inside joke.) She can't get the pedals going yet but we are practicing and she loves to sit on it and scoot with her feet.
Here's older cousin showing younger cuz how it is to been done.
Everyone was pooped out after all the gifts.
Nate doesn't always cry when Cash it around.
One small mud hole in a huge yard and guess who finds it!!!
What Aunt CC?? I don't know how this got here.
Mom, I didn't do it.
Well I didn't get as many pictures has I would have liked too. There was just so much excitment you don't have time. Anyway, thanks Mom and Dad for all the Christmas, we love you very much!!! Thanks Lairds and McDaniels we love everything, even you all!!! :)
Happy New Year!!!


Leslie said...

Cute pics! Love the vespa!

Sam said...

what did you do when the kids got muddy? what am i saying...what CAN you do? :-) love all the christmas pics. happy new year!