Thursday, December 18, 2008

So I'm having a "Throw back Thursday"
I'm pretty much hit and miss on the throw back. Well let's say mostly miss, but we were talking about our favorite Christmas memory in Sunday school last week and I remembered the Christmas of the BIG WHEEL, Dukes of Hazzard Big Wheel to be exact. While I was going through some pictures look what I found. Me and the Big Wheel!!! I think that I even got the Daisy Duke under-roos that year too. Christmas memories are the best!!!
If you look closely you will see a bandage on hand, another one of the injuries inflicted while my Dad was babysitting.


Mandy said...

I remember the Christmas I got my Big Wheel! It was one of my favorites also!

Leia said...

Colt is such a big boy!!! But still a little drool bucket, I see. Lets work on that :)

Leslie said...

Those 70's and 80's Christmas photos are just so fun!