Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Story - Part 2
So we decided to stay home for Christmas morning so that Santa could visit us at home. Riley and I went to Walmart to pick out cookies for Santa and a mug for him to drink milk from. We decided to go with the gingerbread man. She had soooo much fun decorating, I think we will keep this as a yearly tradition.
Here she is sitting them out for Santa. She was sooo proud of them.
Christmas morning.
First thing she did was check the cookie.

She loved her tea set. Yes it's glass and yes she has already broke one plate.
Her big Santa present was a trampoline. She was so excited, she wanted to go right out and jump. Thank goodness for good weather.

Colt's favorite part was the candy canes. Yummy.

Well we hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I'll let everyone take a look at this story before I move on to the next chapter of our Christmas story.

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Leia said...

Those cookie looked yummy and I can't wait to get to come and junmp on the new trampoline!!!