Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is it going to be Christmas before I blog about Thanksgiving???!!!!!

Nope I'm finally getting it together and taking a minute to do some much needed blogging. Every Thanksgiving we go to Wheeler to spend Thanksgiving with Debbie's sisters and their families. (Well last year we went to Fritch where Pam and Roger opened up their home to all of us while

Tommy and Karen's house was getting a major face lift.) We were back to our regular spot this year and the face lift was amazing!!! Tommy and Karen's new additions are beautiful and there was so much room for all of us, it was great. Well here are some pics of the nice day. I still really miss chicken and noodles from my Grandma, but Mom assures me that they are on the menu for Christmas so I guess I'll wait for awhile longer. Thanks again Tommy and Karen for opening up your awesome house for us to invade. Riley had a blast jumping on your trampoline, petting the ponies and playing with all your toys.

This is where we spent most of our day. I have some video, I'll post it later. A trampoline is what Santa is bringing Riley this year, I'm pretty sure she is going to love it!!!

Brooklyn, Briley (I know I spelled that wrong), and Ri.

Addison and Lexi. The older girls.

Colt is soooo out numbered here!!!

Roger and Pam (Debbie's youngest sister) Oh seeing them sip on their coffee reminds of one of the coolest things that Karen has. A coffee maker that makes individual mugs of coffee. You put in whatever flavor of coffee you want, the grounds come in small individual little bowls, you pop it in the maker and out comes a perfect amount of coffee. It was sooooo good!!! I would love it at my house and I don't even drink that much coffee.

All the kiddios.
Addison, Lexi, Briley, Brooklyn, and Riley.
Isn't that fireplace beautiful!!!

Aunt Karen lovin on Colter.

I hope everyone had a "Gooble till you Wooble" Thanksgiving!!!

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Sam said...

love the pics...glad you had a great thanksgiving! btw...tim was groovin' to your mary j. song!