Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving and Decking the Halls....sort of.

So I know I'm a little late on updating but here you go. Thanksgiving was wonderful, I haven't stopped eating yet!! I guess I'm trying to keep my stomach stretched for Christmas and New Year!! I also haven't been running much lately so the scales are really stretching as well!!! Anyway enough about my growing waist line. Here are a few pics. It was sooooo stinkin cold Thanksgiving day we were stuck inside for the most part. My kids did go outside for about 15 minutes then decided it was way too cold even if they had a huge playground to play on. We did Thanksgiving in Wheeler on the Puryear Ranch, which we have done for the past 5 years in which I really enjoy. But next year we have decided to alternate years and I'm VERY excited about this. Don't get me wrong the food is really good in Wheeler but man have I missed homemade chicken and noodles, homemade rolls, cheesey potatoes, an oven roasted turkey, chocolate delight......all the fixin that I grew up with. I'm hungry just thinking about it!!! Ok seriously how do I keep drifting back to food???!!! Pictures...let's get to the pictures!!
I know most of you are going to find it hard to believe but I've taken up sewing.....well really sewing just this one dress, but I'm getting pretty darn good!! If I do brag so myself ;) I made the girls these matching dresses for Thanksgiving, I've made Riley 2 Christmas ones (well one ended up turning into a shirt cause it was a little tight on the booty, but just as cute) I'm working on matching ones for Leia, Lori, Mom and I for Christmas and one more Christmas one for Ri with a reindeer applique on it which I plan to cut out of different material patterns (going to be super cute.....I hope....my vision is super cute.) Boy am I chatty today or what??? Back to the post.Here is Debbie (my FAB mom in law) and Aunt Karen (the hostess with the mostest) put the burn on something wonderful!! Uncle Tommy (also the hostess with the mostest) bringing in the fried birds!! Yummo!!Ri and Bubbers taking a quick trip outside....it didn't last long.All the cousins. Poor Bub the only boy, he took full advantage of chasing all those girls around!!And now to decking the halls...sort of. Riley was really excited about this at first and I stress AT FIRST, about 5 minutes in she was bored and I was left to decorating all by my lonesome :(.....poor pitiful me!!Being very careful to find just the perfect spot.Bub not really into helping but wanted his picture taken.These song bells have been on a tree since I can remember (they are a hand me down from my Mom) I LOVE to listen to them play their songs, they sound exactly the same as they did 25 years ago!! I LOVE THEM!! And here we all are...ahhhhhh......I'm so blessed, even if it appears Gregg doesn't feel the same way!! Smile would ya!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Can't wait to start getting everyones' Christmas cards!!!!!!


Leslie said...

Your kiddos really are growing up quick! Love the family picture too =o)

The Garvie Family said...

Well I'm eating while reading your blog...so you can only imagine how large I'm getting. And now all I can think about is chicken-n-noodles...thanks so much!!