Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hope you got some time on your hands.....it's going to be a long one!!! I'll start off with our Christmas at home. Here are the kids making cookies for Santa. Surprisingly enough they both had a fun time with this and they stayed at it till all the cookies were finished.

You have to taste test of course!!
And the finished product. They did pretty good....they love the sprinkles that for sure!!

On Christmas Eve we go to candle light service at our church. For some reason this year our church didn't have anyone in the nursery so I missed most of the service :( We also let the kids open one gift Christmas Eve.....Christmas pjs of course, so they would be super cute while opening gifts Christmas day!!

Gregg has made it a tradition to read them The Night Before Christmas each Christmas Eve. And off to bed they went.
I actually had to wake them up Christmas morning!! Riley told me she heard Santa on the roof in the night. She was very certain about this, it was pretty cute. My kids didn't ask for anything huge this year, but Riley was pretty sure about what she did want.....Cowboy boots, a Zhu Zhu pet and a Leapster. She must of been a pretty good girl this year cause she got what she asked for. Colt didn't do too bad either....a truck that makes a lot of noise, cowboy boot slippers (he has 2 pairs of real boots that's why he got slippers) and a zhu zhu.

I didn't do too bad myself this year!!! It was a very exciting year!!! Here is Ri and I in our matching outfits I made....hahaha Dorky yes I know but it's Christmas for crying out loud!!!
OH I forgot to post anything about Riley's Christmas party at school and since I was a co-chair I didn't really get very many pictures. But here's one.
I will post about our other Christmases very soon!!! Stay tuned!!!

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