Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

RUMBLE CAME TO THE TOWN!!! The kids were very excited, riley woke up asking when we were going to see Rumble.....until we actually saw him and she hid her eyes for half of the show!!! Anyway here are some fun and not having so much fun pictures.
They have their shirts on and they seem so excited right??

Still having fun!! Ander here he comes.....Ben was sooo excited. He actaully went and had his picture taken with Rumble neither of my kids would even go to the Commons where he was.
And Riley hits the floor.She decides it's not so bad but notice the tight grip on Gregg's shirt.

I'm sure I'll win some money for these awesome action shots!!!

Colt is loving it as long as he stays on the court!!

Riley releases the grip but still isn't sure.

Colt is really wanting him to come back out!!!
Colt gives Rumble a thumbs up!!!


The Garvie Family said...

He is a little bit scary looking but for sure the coolest mascot in the entire NBA!! I love that he came out to Woodward. Cool stuff like that never happened when we were in school!!

Samantha said...

That is so cool! Rumble is pretty awesome!! And I love all the pics, especially the background of the gym...we were so spoiled. Our "Home of the Boomers" puts every gym here to shame!