Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow!!

Oh yeah we got snowed on yesterday!!!! I LOVE the snow!! If I could live just about anywhere it would be up in the mountains where it snows and where the wind doesn't blow....does that place exist?? Anyway the kids loved the snow, notice I say's gone today!! With 55 degree weather the day following a beautiful snow fall we now have mud!!!
The first thing they do.......EAT IT of course.The second thing....jump on the trampoline.The third......throw it at you.The fourth....laugh when they hit you!!! Colt's new place to sit....on the fireplace next to the tree. He has pink eye if you're wondering aobut his blood shot eyes.
And I couldn't resist Gregg in his pink stocking cap!!! Hehehehehe!

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Leslie said...

That's the best kind of snow, that melts off quickly but is around just long enough to play in. If you want some serious snow you should have been here in NE last winter, it was brutal!