Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've obviously been feeling quite bloggy lately, updating nearly must be the season!!! This post I wanted to show you some of my favorite tree ornaments and Christmas decorations. I'm leaving my most favorite decoration out for another post because I think it's worthy of it's own blog entry and also because I don't have it sit up to my liking yet. ;)

On to the tree ornaments.....

The first is from my Aunt Debbie, she started a tradition oh a few years back (well more than a few since before I was married I think) where she gets us these wood painted ornaments with our name and the year on them. I love this almost as much as I love my Aunt Debbie!!! If I haven't mentioned it before.....I'm sooooo blessed to have the family that I do. Ornament #2...Mandy, Tara and I have been best friends for what seems like FOREVER and we decided a few years ago that instead of getting each other gifts for Christmas we would get one another a tree ornament. This has been yet another favorite tradition for me. I just love looking at my tree and knowing that it's filled with love and friendship!! This one was from Tara a couple of years ago, the true meaning of Christmas!!!
This one was from Mandy. I was pregnant with Riley at the time and received A LOT of prego/baby ornaments that year but this was by far my favorite!! HOW STINKIN CUTE!!!
This is one of the older ornaments on my tree. It was given to me by Lisa Allen my boss and really good friend when I was going to school in Kentucky. I loved it then and I just adore it now. Reminds me of what I actually liked about living in job and the friends I made there!!!

This is the oldest ornament on my tree!! Given to me by one of my past boyfriend's mom. "Air Santa" it says on the back. Got this one when I was a freshmen in college, hard to believe I've held on to anything for that long!!! Still love this ornament, it was the first one that Riley pulled out this year and she thought it was pretty great too!!!

And finally an ornament from our honeymoon!!! Yes I got married in June and yes I was still able to find a Christmas ornament in June!!! Brings back a time of fun and freedom oh and running all over Disney World trying to keep up with my husband who was trying to plan the entire thing out and if you know anything about Gregg and mapping......he's horrible!!! Anyway it reminds me of our young new love!!!

And finally my Mom started this tradition with the kids 3 years back. Got them their very own nativity scene (in hopes of keeping their little hands of mine). Each year she sends them a different part. The first year it was the manger. The second year the wise men. This year the Inn keeper. I'm not sure what else is left?>?? I guess we'll have to wait and see!! Just look and see how cute it is and what a great way to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas!!!

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The Garvie Family said...

I'm enjoying all your postin'!! I never even thought to write about the meaning behind some of our ornaments...what a great idea.