Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4 days, 3 concerts

Yes that's right....3 concerts in 4 days!!!  It's Tuesday no wait Wednesday and I'm pooped!!!  Let me break these 4 days down for ya!

Saturday....Girls Night....OKC....Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and New Kids on the Block.  

Way too many 30+ year old ladies screaming (yep me included), way too many pelvic thrusts (not included), way too much crotch grabbing (not me included).  That being said these guys still GOT IT GOIN ON Y'ALL!!  Absolutely loved Boyz II Men!!!!  And NKOTB really put on a great show!! 

Sunday night Riley, Jena, Jen's friend, Lara and I went to Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush.  For those of you don't know those names.....turn on Nickelodeon.  They were good but I'm not real up on their music so I was pretty clueless for most of the songs.  The kids loved it and I thought it would be a good starter concert for Riley seeing as how she hates loud noises and we were set to attend Justin Bieber on Tuesday.  I kept telling her "It's going to be way louder than this at Justin.....are you sure you want to go??"  I asked multiple times!!  She promised it would be ok, she could handle it.

Tuesday Night and The Biebs!!   
The excitement was high......the noise level was higher but not too high!!

Bieber shirt was purchased!!


The opening acts had played......

Yeah I'm not sure what happened here......well yes I do I thought my stupid phone had stopped recording!!  Apparently NOT!!  hahahahaaaa!!  Can you tell I was pumped for some Fresh Prince??!!!
JB was making his descend
And Riley was crying.........NOT tears of "I'm a crazy JB fan and I just can't take it....I LOVE HIM"  No these were tears of "Fireworks and loud noises FREAK me out" and that is all that is going on right now!!

Once some of the fireworks stopped she moved on to this position........this lasted about 20 minutes and I was about 5 minutes away from pulling the ole Justin Bieber plug for her!!

Finally she came out of the fetal position!!!!

And eventually started LOVING it!

Thankfully she had friends!!

After it was all over she had a blast!  Even kept her ears uncovered during the last firework explosions.  Which if you know Riley is a huge accomplishment!!!  It was a great Mom/Daughter date.  I hope it's a memory she'll keep forever!!  To help her I'm going to post some video here at the end......skip on by if you want or watch if you have the Bieber Fever!!!!

Ok that's all of them......I just wanted to have them so we can look back and laugh!!  And I can clear them out of the phone!!!  

Happy 4th of July!!  Have a safe and blessed holiday!!!

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