Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Day Super Colt!!

Oh sooooo much to blog about and not enough time to do it!!  I know I've said this before but full time jobs really cramp my style!!  :)  

Post catch up Numero Uno......Colt's Super Birthday Party.  Yes my little fella is 5!!  What??  YES 5!!!  Seems like just yesterday I was having to leave my baby boy in the hospital while I flew to OKC, one of the scariest days of my life.  Since Riley had a big birthday bash I thought maybe Colt should have one too.  1 big bash every 5 years.....yes I can handle that!!

Let the pictures begin!!

 Dancing to some Gangham Style!!  SMH
 Present time!!!

 Instead of goodie bags I made capes and masks for the boys to take home.  I think they liked them!
 Oh Colt you've grown into quite the character!!  You ALWAYS keep your Dad and I on our toes and you keep us laughing with your funny expressions!!  I love you....I SAID I LOVE YOU!!!