Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Phone unload!!

I'm doing horrible at keeping the ole blog up to date!!  I have tons of pics that I need to get on here.....

So hang on here we goooooo!!!

I rode down with Dad to help bring a few loads back from Colorado so we stopped by the OSU Remember the 10 memorial.  It just leaves a pit in your stomach when visit a site like this.  To think of the terror and sadness and how close to houses the crash actually was is just frightening!!

This is the memorial near the road....

This is the actual crash site that is about 200 yards from the road in a field.

In April we ran in the Memorial...this year I opted for a relay and a short leg of the relay!!  Guess who decided to participate........GREGG!!!  I know it's shocking!  Our other team mates are all from our Sunday school class, BJ and Kim Williams and Riley Fanning.  We are just so happy to be a part of this great group and are making some great friends!!
Some things I like to add to the blog just so I'll always have them.  This is a self portrait of Colt.... Normally his self identifier is brown spiky hair, in this portrait he decided he need to add his anatomy to identify himself!!!  "But mom I am a boy!!"
This is Riley's famous mad face!!  Lovely right!!???  
Our first water park trip of the 2013 season.
Of course the softball World Series was a highlight......
Seeing Sam and the fam is the true highlight!!!  Miss this girl so much!!  
Oh and my ESPN debut, need to keep that FOREVER!!
 Another highlight Miranda Lambert with some of my FAVORITE peeps!!!
Riley's softball season has taken up a lot of our summer nights......but I'll take them and pray sports keep taking up our nights!!!

Lastly I took some new pics of the kids......these are just a FEW of my favorites.

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