Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July fun!

Oh man it's a busy time of the year for us!!  4th of July, Colt's birthday party, family vacation, not to mention the everyday stuff!!  We had some visitors for the 4th!!  Dad, Mom, Leia and the kids came down for some Boiling Springs camping, food and fireworks!!!  Everyone had a great time......except my kids!!!  They spend most of the time in the house or car cause they are scared spit-less of loud noises and especially fireworks!!!  UGHHHHHHH!!!!!  Anyway here are some pictures, crappy pictures but pictures none the less.

 Finally someone loves my fairy garden as much as I do!!

No deviled eggs this year!  hahahahaha!!  A few of you will get this joke!
Dylann couldn't really decide if she liked fireworks or not.
Yes Cash is watching a movie instead of the fireworks!!  Kids these days???!!!


I got a call late Saturday evening from some friends that needed an extra softball player so the boys and I headed to Laverne!  They had fun and were so good considering we played till 1 in the morning!!!  Their nap on the way up may have helped! 
They loved running the bases and practicing their slides!!

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