Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Princess Day!!

This week is Homecoming here in Woodward, so alum I expect each of you back here this weekend, kids at ECC are having a dress up week. Monday was PJ day, Wednesday is wear your favorite team day, and Friday is black and gold day. So yesterday I'm trying to explain to Riley that she needs to pick a shirt of her favorite team. I'm thinking her very cute soccer jersey, but she informs me that she doesn't even like soccer so she will not be wearing it. She begins to tell me that the school should have a Princess day, so I ask well what would the boys wear on Princess day. She thinks for a second, staring out the window, then looks at me very seriously and says "The boys would wear a handsome bowtie, handsome pants, handsome shirts, handsome shoes, and have a handsome wand. And the girls would wear cool shoes."
Where do they come up with this stuff!!!!
You're my princess everyday Ri Bug!!!


The Kinoti's said...

That's a handsome idea Riley!

Leslie said...

She's a funny one. BTW, I know this is going to be a really stupid question, but what is ECC?