Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Diary of ......well we aren't sure anymore

Not sure how many of you saw my Facebook posts yesterday but it seems that this is not a spider bite after all. Not sure what it is but Dr. Garner right away knocked down the idea of a spider bite. If only Urgent Care (Crappy Care as I think I'll refer to it from know on) would of taken a culture on Saturday when we first came in we would know a lot more. They aren't able to do one now since he's been on antibiotics for a couple of days. Dr. Garner threw out the idea of staph and shingles but has reason to knock each of them down. I've gotten tons of responses from people that all seem to have had something similar that could all be possibilities. One of my friends mentioned her husband had something similar when he was young and it was determined to be a hay fungus. Which could make sense seeing how we went to a fall festival and Colt did the hay maze just last Tuesday. Another friend mentioned she had a spider bite that then became staph. It does look to be getting better, I think. We go back to the dr. tomorrow and hopefully he will like what he sees. I just hate that we probably won't know what it is unless he gets it again. Thanks to everyone that has been praying, we really appreciate it!!! Colt is in great spirits, you wouldn't think anything was wrong if it wasn't for the huge sore on his face!!! Whenever he sees a picture of the sore he looks at me and says "EWWWWWW" My thoughts exactly!!!!


Leslie said...

Poor little fella. Hope it all gets figured out soon!

Becky said...

I do think it looks better, but not much. Poor Colt, and poor mama! It's hard to look at!