Monday, October 18, 2010

A Diary of a Spider Bite....and some other stuff

Yes we had yet another fun filled weekend with more trips to the doctor!!! Not only does Gregg have a chronic case of the hiccups, yes you read me right the hiccups, Colt has a spider bite on his precious little face. It happened sometime mid last week but I'm not certain on the exact day, me being the Dr. that I am thought it was impetigo, which Riley used to get when she was young. It wasn't till Saturday that I decided something just ain't right here. Took him to urgent care they said spider bite gave him some antibotics and steroids and sent us home. Told me to look for streaking or black and come back on Monday. So that's what I did. Now you look at these pictures and tell me what you think.

PIcture #1 - Very red and yucky looking
Picture #2 - Does this not looking like streaking to you????
They tell me that it's just the redness going away in a non symetrical way.....really???? Cause I don't think so. I immediately call our regular doc and get him in Tuesday, then pull a favor and get him in with another doc today!!! Think I'll keep posting pictures everyday so we can see the end results.

We did have some fun this weekend it wasn't all doctors and hiccups. It was Woodward's homecoming this week so Gregg took the kids to the parade and they were excited with all the candy they got, we headed to the ball game and the Boomers won!!
Ethan Matt (Melanie Lyons son) and Riley. 1 year apart in school
Ben Cheap and Colt. 1 year apart.
On Saturday morning I ran in my first 5k since my knee surgery, although I wouldn't say that was all that fun. It turned out to be a cross country trail which means trail run which means way harder which means I nearly lost all bodily control and had to sit on my foot to keep myself from peeing my pants right there at the finish line. Just another one of those things that Mandy got me into. On a good note our good friend Mark was in town and he ran with us. Well not with us but way way way ahead of us!!! The shirts were cute and that's really the only reason I run. I love how "Boomer Bob" is making a come back!! Not sure that's what the kids are calling him but I think that's what we called him.
Pre-race. All happy and smiles here. Wait about 15 minutes not so happy then!!!Post race after I've got my bodily fluids under control again!!
The reason I enter these stupid things!!! Mandy got 2nd and I got 3rd......out of 4 maybe!!!!
On Sunday I finally got the kids pumpkins to decorate and instead of carving we went with painting. They loved it!!!
The finished products!!


Shannon said...

Wow! You & me and our crazy lives! LOL, at least it gives us plenty to write about, right? Ha!
Well, congrats on the 5k, those look so fun to me & I have the utmost respect for runners.. maybe I'll try it someday.. uhh then again maybe not, lol.
I'd heard about ur hubby's hiccups, that's crazy! Hope he & your lil one are back to normal soon! You all will be in my prayers!

Leslie said...

Wow, that sore looks really bad. I hope the little guy heals up ok. And congrats on the run, you're amazing.